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Warsaw. Renovation of Królewska and Marszałkowska streets. How long will it take? Impediments

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Preparatory works for the renovation of the intersection of Marszałkowska and Królewska Streets have begun. As road workers have announced, “work in full swing” will start on August 14. What will be changed?

Every day, the intersection in the city center is used by thousands of road users – drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as passengers of buses and trams. Also in this place, as described on tvnwarszawa.pl, there were bumps and accidents. Still during the summer holidays, the Municipal Roads Authority promises to introduce changes in this place, which will improve safety.

What changes at Marszałkowska?

Preparatory work has already started this week. According to road workers, they rely on geodetic marking of places where, among other things, curbs will be placed, as well as on the removal of asphalt in places of future asylum for pedestrians.

“In addition, they involve emergency maintenance of traffic lights, the operation of which will be improved after the completion of all works. We will put new wiring for the lights there, thus we will prepare them for a possible left-turn for those driving from Bankowy Square in Królewska” – announces the ZDM in the announcement.

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Pedestrian refuge

According to ZDM, the target works will start on Saturday, August 14, around 7 am.

“We will slightly change the geometry of the intersection. The northern inlet of the western road of Marszałkowska Street will be shifted by a meter to the west. 1.5 m “- reports ZDM.

On the eastern road of Marszałkowska, from the southern side of the intersection, instead of four, there will be three lanes – for right turn or straight ahead, for straight ahead and left turn. The fourth lane today, used for a left-turn, will give way to the asylum at the pedestrian crossing so that trams do not move right in front of passers-by crossing the road. The asylum at the same crossing on the west side of the track will be slightly widened.

Pedestrians will gain two more refuges – the first at the crossing of the northern inlet of Marszałkowska and the second at the zebra at the western inlet of Królewska, together with a protection island. For this reason, this inlet will be extended to the north by half a meter. On the other hand, at the eastern inlet, a bus stop will be moved 30 meters towards Plac Małachowski. Thanks to this, stopping buses will not cause the cars behind them to partially stand on the lanes, blocking the passage for pedestrians.

How long will the renovation take?

The surface will be replaced at the intersection and within it.

“We will asphalt Marszałkowska along a section of 170 m, and ul. Królewska – at 70 m. New asphalt will be secured against subsidence with a special fiberglass mesh, which will be placed between the binding and wearing layers” – the officials describe.

Green will complete the changes. The cube will disappear from the three corners of the intersection, and the Stipa and Elżanka will be planted in its place.

As road builders promise, the changes will take nine days to complete, ending on Sunday, August 22. Until then, from August 14, the intersection of Marszałkowska and Królewska streets will be closed. Passability will be maintained only for trams. Drivers will have to take detours – from the south of Świętokrzyska, Mazowiecka, Królewska, Moliera and Senatorska to pl. Bankowy, and from the north along avenues “Solidarności” and Jana Pawła II and ul. Świętokrzyska.

Difficulties in Marszałkowska ZDM

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