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Warsaw. Renovation of Pole Mokotowskie. Closed popular path

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Modernization of Pole Mokotowskie is in progress. Many works are carried out in the part of the park on the Ochota side. From Wednesday, the pedestrian route near the monument commemorating the Mokotowskie Airport is closed.

This week, the Zieleni Board informed about the commencement of the next stage of modernization works in the Pole Mokotowskie park. “From Wednesday, February 22, for the next few weeks, the pedestrian route, under which there is a culvert supplying water from small ponds to a large water reservoir, will be closed. The renovated pedestrian route is located at the playground near the monument commemorating the Mokotowskie Airport. It will be completely renovated – dismantled and rebuilt. The works may take a month and a half” – the Green Management announced on social media.

According to officials, over 13,000 plants were planted in the park in autumn, new surfaces were also made and small architecture was installed.

The deadline cannot be met

The modernization of the Pole Mokotowskie park will start in autumn 2021. Completion of the works was planned for the last quarter of 2022. Already in the summer, the Board of Zieleni Warszawskiej admitted that the deadline could not be met. There were problems with one of the most important elements of the investment – the water reservoir, i.e. the so-called large pond and pool. Officials said at the time that they were analyzing the situation and estimating how much the delay might be. At the end of last year, they announced that the investment should be ready in the third quarter of 2023.

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The modernization project assumes that the large pond will be naturalized – concrete has been removed from the bottom, and zones of natural vegetation will appear on the banks, which will be a shelter for animals. Recall that in the summer the work was delayed due to a collision with the power grid. It was necessary to move the transformer station supplying a large part of Mokotów. Officials explained that the contractor was waiting for the delivery of the new station, but due to the war in Ukraine, suppliers reported problems with access to the parts needed to assemble it.

Biocenotic and sensory gardens

In the central part of the park, at the back of the National Library, a natural biocenotic garden is being created. Eventually, a small square is to appear here. A wooden bridge will be built here, as well as hills and basins. This part of the park will be supplemented with small architecture, gazebos and sheds. An educational path will be built along the bridge.

The project also includes a zone with a sensory garden. Its elements will be djembas drums with stumps for sitting, climbing stones and concrete deckchairs that have already been installed. There will also be tipis.

As part of the modernization, new vegetation is also planted. In recent months, 35 new trees, over four thousand shrubs and almost seven thousand perennials have appeared. According to officials, groundcover vines, bulbous plants, meadows and a lawn have been planted on an area of ​​3,669 square meters, there are also new silver and broad-leaved lindens, gray poplar, rowan, sycamore maple, roses, echinacea, ornamental garlic and plums of various varieties, as well as blackberries, quinces, bouquet hydrangeas Little lime ‘Jane’, Korean viburnum ‘Juddii’, scented violets, foxglove or turf daredevil.

Works at Pole Mokotowskie Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Green Board in Warsaw

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