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Warsaw. Renovation of the building of the former Wilanowska Railway Station. Project tender. What about a narrow-gauge wagon?

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The district is preparing to renovate the former Wilanowska railway station. A tender for the development of project documentation has just been announced. The history of the building began in 1926, it survived World War II, and in the 1970s it turned into a post office of the Polish Post. Since 2016 it has been deserted and decaying.

The former Wilanowska Railway station at Kostki Potockiego 31, near the palace, looks scary. The former showcase of Wilanów is today a dilapidated building with falling plaster and fungus on the walls. In 2016, the historic building left the Polish Post Office, since then there is no host and it is deteriorating.

There was, however, a prospect of salvation. The Wilanów district has announced a tender for the development of design documentation for the reconstruction and adaptation of the building for cultural purposes. For now, it is not specified what exactly, but – as we were assured at the office – these will not be commercial purposes.

They have a narrow-gauge wagon

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In 2021, the Mazovian Voivodship Conservator of Monuments entered the building into the register of monuments. Therefore, this imposes an obligation on the potential contractor to comply with the conservation guidelines.

The visualizations of the modernized building also featured a historic locomotive placed next to it. However, this is a preview image. Although the district has a narrow-gauge railway car, the tender for its renovation has not yet been announced.

– The visualizations contain only illustrative graphics related to the train. The Wilanów district office actually has a narrow-gauge two-axle railway car that is to be restored and will probably stand in the place suggested in the visualization. However, at the moment, the tender for its renovation and renovation has not yet been announced – Ewa Kowalczyk from the district town hall reported.

Fashion for trips out of town

The history of the facility is related to the history of the Wilanowska Railway. Its creation in the early 1890s was associated with the increasingly common trend among residents of large cities to spend their free time in suburban summer resorts. The Wilanów railway lost its importance only in 1937, after the launch of the city electric tram to Wilanów. From the end of the 1950s, however, the route of the narrow-gauge railway was systematically shortened due to the intensifying development of road transport. In 1971, the line in the Warsaw section was completely liquidated.

The wooden station buildings located along the route of the Wilanowska Railway were significantly damaged during World War I. The task of designing new stations on the line was entrusted to the Warsaw architect Konstanty Sylwin Jakimowicz. Built around 1926, the building of the Wilanów station – like the others – had a room with ticket offices, a summer waiting room, as well as rooms and flats for employees. The station building survived the war without major damage and continued to serve travelers until the liquidation of the railway line.

First the train station, then the post office

In the 1970s, a branch of the Polish Post Office was located in the main building of the station, which involved a partial transformation of its interior. In the place of the former ticket offices, post offices were introduced, living quarters were transformed into offices and warehouses. However, the basic division into an open central part and smaller rooms in the side annexes has been preserved.

The interiors, designed in the style of the Duchy of Warsaw, have been finished with stone floor tiles and complemented by stone radiator casings with stylized metal grilles. The post office operated in the building until 2016, since then the building has not been used.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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