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Warsaw. Renovation of the Guard Hall. Start dates, what about buyers?

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The capital city hall informs that the renovation of the building of Hala Gwardii will start no earlier than in the second half of 2024. Officials also reassure buyers: none of the stands of the market adjacent to the hall will be liquidated.

As we have already reported on tvnwarszawa.pl, The renovation of Hala Gwardii raises great emotions. Merchants from the neighboring market are afraid that the renovation will result in liquidation of the market or some of the stalls in the immediate vicinity of the building. The Town Hall declares that none of the stands will be liquidated.

“Construction works will start no earlier than in the second half of 2024. The market will continue to be administered by the City Center Public Areas Authority, there have been no plans to liquidate it or transfer it to private hands,” the city hall said. Officials met with buyers to clarify all the concerns.

Conservator’s guidelines

The talks also focused on the guidelines of the provincial conservator of monuments, according to which the appearance of the building is to be restored to its original assumptions (e.g. by renewing architectural details, dismantling basement windows), and the facades of the historic building must be uncovered. This, in turn, necessitates the transfer of 20 stands located at the historic wall to another part of the market. However, as Karolina Zdrodowska, the Warsaw coordinator for entrepreneurship and social dialogue, reassures: none of the stands will be liquidated, and buyers do not have to worry about their presence at the marketplace.

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– We invited entrepreneurs to the table to provide up-to-date information about the investment, to cut through the speculations emerging in the space, and above all to listen to their views. Although not every aspect of the renovation depends on us, our goal is clear – to carry out this process in the most convenient way for buyers and customers of the market – said Zdrodowska.

The City Hall assures that the contractor of the investment will have the task of ensuring continuous access to the shopping pavilions during the renovation of the hall.

Controversies surrounding the procedure

The tender for the revitalization of the Hala Gwardii building was announced in 2020 in the public-private partnership formula. This means that the future tenant, in exchange for a comprehensive renovation of the historic hall, will have the right to lease this place for 30 years and profit from it. At the moment, a procedure is underway to select a contractor for the work.

We informed on tvnwarszawa.pl about the controversy surrounding the proceedings. Activists from the City is Ours association demand its annulment. They started a petition about it. The association argues that the lack of public consultations, a hasty decision to commercialize the hall and the bazaar and the non-transparent procedure (“The documentation lacks indications of the criteria for selecting the operator and which properties are offered to a private entity”).

Activists fear that giving the facility to a private partner for 30 years means losing the chance to restore it to its original function. They evoke examples from Barcelona, ​​Riga, Budapest and Vilnius, where halls from a similar period function continuously as city markets. In their opinion, the tender documents did not specify what the future of the bazaar adjacent to the hall will be.

Main photo source: The Capital City Development Board

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