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Warsaw. Renovation of the villa at 257 Modlińska Street. Work progress

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The renovation of the villa at 257 Modlińska Street is progressing. After the renovation, the historic buildings – the villa and two annexes – will serve the residents as a local center.

The partition walls, concrete floors and plasters in the villa are already ready. Windows and electrical, telecommunications and sanitary installations are installed. Work is also ongoing in the bathrooms and on the construction of the elevator.

“Conservation and restoration works remain to be completed on the elements of the old decor – wooden stair steps, balustrades, doors, polychromes, ceramic floors and tiled stoves,” the Capital City Development Authority said in a statement. As added, the walls will soon be painted and parquet floors will be laid.

In spring, a low fence similar to the historical one will return in front of the outbuilding. Two decorative gates from Modlińska Street will also be recreated. The Capital City Development Authority assured that the Modlińska 257 Local Center will be ready this year.

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Weapons facility and warehouse

The villa was probably built at the beginning of the 20th century for Leon Hajdziony in the spirit of restrained Art Nouveau. The monument consists of the main building and two single-story outbuildings. From 1914 to 1921, the ground floor of the villa housed a school, post office and police station. After 1921, the building was taken over by the State Treasury and adapted into the “Przystań” center for young prostitutes. “After treatment at St. Lazarus Hospital, the girls went to Modlińska, where they learned gardening, washing, cooking, embroidery, sewing and weaving. Thanks to their new skills, they were able to overcome poverty and addictions,” the SZRM reported.

During World War II, the villa at ul. Modlińska was also a weapons warehouse for the Home Army and a shelter for Jews. The buildings survived the war. In the 1950s, the State Special Home for chronically ill patients was located there, and from 1960, the State Social Welfare Home for adults was located there.

Later, the buildings served service functions – there was a hardware store and a library there. In 2009, the building complex was entered into the register of monuments.

The villa at Modlińska 257 in the visualization Capital City Development Authority

Main photo source: Capital City Development Authority

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