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Warsaw. Renovation of Zajęcza. When? What difficulties

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On Friday, the renovation of Zajęcza Street will begin. Drivers should expect delays, road workers inform about detours. Żwirki i Wigury will also be narrowed, and tram drivers are getting ready to work on Plac Bankowy.

Resurfacing of the Zajęcza roadway will start on Friday at 10.00 pm. The street will be completely closed to traffic on the section from Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie, along with the intersection, to Topiel Street, also with the intersection.

Road workers reassure: to facilitate traffic in this area, the passage along Dobra Street will remain open in both directions.

The work will last until Tuesday – May 2nd.

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Tour of the closed ZajeczaZDM

No entry to the Świętokrzyski Bridge

The consequence of closing Zajęcza Street right after the exit from the Świętokrzyski Bridge will be closing the entrance to the crossing on the right side of the Vistula River.

According to the announcement of the Municipal Roads Authority, lanes for driving straight to the bridge will be closed on Zamoście Street. Drivers will use two left-turn lanes and one right-turn lane to Wybrzeże Szczecińskie. On Wybrzeże Szczecińskie, from the side of the Praga port, the right-hand turn will be blocked off, you will be able to drive straight only in two lanes, and turn left from one of them. Also, those coming from the PGE Narodowy side will not turn onto the bridge. Two straight lanes and one right turn lane will remain open to traffic.

The detour to Śródmieście was marked by the Poniatowski Bridge.

Tamka changes

Road workers also inform that the entrance to the Świętokrzyski Bridge from Tamka will be open during the works. Those driving the Tamka towards the crossing will not turn left to Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie (the ban will not apply to access to the property). They will go straight or to the right. From Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie, from the side of Jaracza Street, there will be an order to turn right to the Świętokrzyski Bridge.

The intersection of Zajęcza and Topiel will be closed during the works. You will not be able to turn from Tamka into ul. Drowning. On the other hand, from Kruczkowski you will only be able to go right or left. The ban on entering Topiel will not apply to residents of this street.

“Before Friday’s works at the intersection of Cicha and Tamka, the curb will be lowered. Those commuting to Cicha, Zajęcza and Dynasy streets will be able to turn here. A temporary crossing will be arranged for pedestrians through Cicha. After the works are completed, the state from before the renovation will be restored. there will be a ban on stopping with information about towing the vehicle at the owner’s expense.


During the works on Zajęcza Street, drivers will be able to use Dobra Street in both directions. The layout of the lanes will change between Tamka and Zajęcza. There will be one lane leading towards Zajęcza. There will be two lanes from Zajęcza to Tamka: a left turn (it will be possible to turn towards the bridge) and a straight and right lane. At the intersection of Dobra and Zajęcza, from the side of the University of Warsaw Library, drivers will go straight in only one lane. The second lane in this place will be fenced off.

Difficulty detours will lead along the streets:

– Browarna, Oboźna, Karaś and Kopernika to Tamka,

– Leszczyńska, Oboźna, Karaś and Kopernika to Tamka,

– Lipowa and Dobra to Tamka,

– Tamka, Dobra and Drewniana to Topiel.

A tonnage limit of five tons will be introduced on Oboźna Street.

Changes to Żwirki i Wigury and Plac Bankowy

Road workers will also use the May weekend to mill two sections of Żwirki and Wigury. Parts of the roadway towards the Chopin Airport will gain a new surface – between Banacha and Prince Trojdena and from 1 August to Hynek. Work on both sections will be carried out concurrently from Monday to Friday. 22 to Thursday until 4. During the renovation, the western carriageway will be narrowed to one lane.

Milling will not affect public transport routes, but some stops will be moved.

In turn, from Saturday to Monday, tram drivers will carry out work on the tracks in the area of ​​Plac Bankowy. During this time, trams will not run along Marszałkowska and Andersa streets – on the section from Stawka to Plac Zbawiciela and on Nowowiejska between the square and the intersection with al. independence.

Line trains will be diverted to detour routes 4, 15, 36, 78, and the running of the line 35 will be suspended. The bus route will be extended during the works Z-4. Buses from pl. Konstytucji, go straight on Marszałkowska, through pl. Bankowy and Andersa Street to Muranowska.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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