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Warsaw. Renovation on Chodecka Street. Traffic changes on Św. Street Vincent. Scope of work

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Road workers are starting the renovation of Chodecka Street between Kondratowicza and Krasnobrodzka. With the commencement of works on this street, the Municipal Roads Authority announced the relaxation of the ban on entry for private cars to St. on weekdays. Vincent.

The metro stations built in Targówek gave the district an impulse to change. The city rebuilt Kondratowicza Street, bicycle paths were created and trees were planted. Road workers also renovated Chodecka Street on the section from Wyszogrodzka to Kondratowicza.

At the beginning of next week, renovation works will begin on another part of Chodecka Street – from Kondratowicza to Krasnobrodzka. There are still elements of temporary traffic organization on this section. According to road engineers, they should be restored to their original condition or changed.

“The parking spaces that were temporarily designated in connection with the construction of the metro will remain on Chodecka Street, but will be moved to the road. They will be 2 to 2.5 meters wide,” the Municipal Roads Authority said in a statement.

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New road surface and curbs

On the entire renovated section, road workers will also replace the road surface and curbs. “Thanks to the planned changes, another part of Chodecka Street will be adjusted to the standards set by Kondratowicza Street,” it was emphasized.

As added, sidewalks will also be renovated where necessary. “Additionally, areas closed to traffic and sidewalks are to be protected against illegal parking, which will improve pedestrian safety,” it was assured.

Residents appealed for asylum and posts

As part of the works, taxi parking spaces in the area of ​​number 13 will also be adjusted. The change will consist in widening the sidewalk, which will make it easier to use transport services.

“Residents appealed to us for shelters and blocking posts, including in the area of ​​Łojewska Street and the access to the internal road – mainly through MCK 19115,” ZDM said in a statement.

At the same time, road engineers reminded that changes are being designed on the section from Balkonowa Street to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The main idea is to maintain the roundabout, but the plan also includes designating new parking spaces and planting trees.

Traffic changes on Św. Street Vincent

As written in the announcement, in “combination” with the planned renovation of Chodecka Street, road workers will introduce changes in the restrictions on the traffic of private cars on Św. Wincentego, although the street will still be closed during critical hours for commuting to work or school.

“Due to the smaller number of vehicles entering Bródno, and in order to limit the inconvenience of the renovation, the entry ban in both directions will apply only during the morning peak – from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.,” it said.

Still in June, the capital city hall was not willing to allow private cars to go to St. Vincent, although the street was to be closed only until the metro construction was completed. Over two thousand people signed a petition from residents asking for the restrictions to be lifted. Currently, private cars can drive to St. Vincent at night and on weekends.

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A section of Kondratowicza Street is now open (September 2022)Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: administration of cities roads

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