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Warsaw. Renovations of tram tracks. Where is the work planned? Impediments. Detours

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Tram drivers have prepared a comprehensive plan for the renovation of tracks with a total length of over 5 kilometers. Current repairs will cover a total of 15 kilometers. 1.2 kilometers of rails and 30 switches will be replaced. 6 kilometers of rails will be regenerated, and another 15 kilometers will be polished.

Some of the planned works involve not only replacing worn-out track infrastructure elements, but also involve their modernization.

Most of the renovations were planned so that the shutdowns of tram lines would be as inconvenient to passengers as possible. Therefore, renovations will take place on weekends, during the May weekend and during the holidays. Most of the work will be completed in early September.

The stops on Obozowa Street are being renovated and modernized – one of the last in Warsaw that is not adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. In this case, the work was scheduled on weekends to reduce the inconvenience of commuting to work. Two stops at Dalibora Street are already ready. They have access from two sides, and sedum is already growing on the roofs of the shelters. The entire investment is scheduled to be completed by the end of summer.

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The tracks are restored on Odrowąż

The next renovation project that has started includes the replacement of tracks along Odrowąża, Matki Teresa z Kolkuta and Rembielińska streets.

– The so-called re-growing and re-laying the entire track. The sleepers and all rails will be replaced. A lot of work is related to the traction network (replacement of all poles, tensions and power cables). In addition, crossings will be repaired and new asphalt and paving surfaces will be laid. And all this on a distance of about 4 kilometers – said Dutkiewicz, adding that a new feature will be drainage, which did not exist before.

The spokesman for Tramwaje Warszawskie said that the renovation of the tracks on Odrowąża Street was very much needed. The oldest parts of the track date back to 1999-2000. Along Mother Teresa of Calcutta Street, the rails were attached to wooden sleepers. This route will be heavily used, as several dozen trams will leave and arrive at the new depot in Annopol along this route per hour.

New rails on Filtrowa, track repairs on Washington Avenue

Work on Filtrowa Street will begin between May and June. They will include not only the replacement of worn rails, but also the construction of drainage. Thanks to this, the track will not be flooded after heavy downpours.

At the beginning of August, for one week, repairs will be made to the tracks at two intersections of Aleja Washington – at Kinowa and Społecznej Streets. Until Washington Avenue is fully modernized, ongoing renovations will be carried out here.

– The announcement of the tender for the documentation needed to modernize Washington Avenue is scheduled for this year. This is possible thanks to a detailed inventory and analysis of the condition of the trees, which will allow them to be protected during the works, Dutkiewicz noted.

Where are track renovations planned?Warsaw Trams

Expansion of tram infrastructure on Stawki, renovation on Kercelak

Another expansion of the tram infrastructure is also planned for August. On Stawki Street, at Pokorna Street, thanks to the construction of turnouts, an exit will be created for trams ending at this point (it allows you to change the direction of travel). The reconstruction is related to the construction of a tram to Wilanów.

The launch of tram connections to Wilanów is scheduled for the end of the summer – part of the line will reach the new terminal at Stawki Street.

From the end of June to the end of August, the rails will be repaired on Kercelak in Wola (at the intersection of Okopowa and Aleja Solidarności). This is one of the busiest sections of the tram network in Warsaw.

– The works will not only involve replacing rails and turnouts, but will also include replacing worn-out concrete slabs. In order not to increase difficulties this year, the second part of the work will be carried out next year. There are also plans to modernize the crossing through Chłodna in the Towarowa route, as well as the crossing through Anielewicza. The switch on Okopowa – near the Radosława roundabout – also needs to be replaced, Dutkiewicz said.

Work on weekends

12 out of 21 tasks planned by Tramwaje Warszawskie are scheduled for weekends or extended weekends. Works that will require closing the tracks for a longer period of time include: renovation on Filtrowa, renovation of the access route to the Annopol depot, renovation of tracks at the intersections with Broniewskiego Street and replacement of rails and turnouts on Kercelak.

– In the coming years, the intensity of tram infrastructure renovations will be increased. The condition is that the design documentation must be prepared in advance. Tramwaje Warszawskie has already signed a contract to develop a project to modernize the tracks along al. Jana Pawła II – between the Femina cinema and Grunwaldzki Square – noted the spokesman for Tramwaje Warszawskie.

Modernization of tracks on Słomińskiego Street, reconstruction of Daszyńskiego Street

This year, the documentation needed to modernize the tracks on Słomińskiego Street will also be ready. The works are planned for next year. And soon, tram drivers will sign a contract for the documentation needed to repair the viaduct at Arkadia. The track will undergo renovation at the earliest possible date next year.

Tramwaje Warszawskie is also in the process of selecting a designer for the documentation needed for reconstruction of Rondo Daszyńskiego. Next year, the north-west connection will be rebuilt here. This will increase network flexibility during detours.

There are also plans to modernize other facilities, including: buildings of substations supplying the tracks, reconstruction of expedition buildings for tram drivers and other facilities in the capital's depots. Work is also underway at the Wola depot (the main building is undergoing renovation) and the Żoliborz depot, where, among others, the water supply and heating networks are being rebuilt.

Main photo source: ZTM Warszawa

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