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Warsaw. Residents criticize the reconstruction of Lazurowa

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At the end of October, the reconstruction of Lazurowa Street, which the residents of Bemowo had been waiting for for years, was completed. According to their assessment, the effects are not satisfactory. Pedestrians complain about narrow sidewalks and also notice the disturbing proximity of apartment building windows to the road. The Capital City Development Authority explains that the reconstruction project has been known for years, even before some of the buildings were built.

The construction of this important street for the residents of Bemowo took less than a year. The works were carried out on a section approximately 500 meters long – between the S8 route and Górczewska Street. Two roads, new sidewalks and a bicycle path were built there. To ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, at the intersection with ul. Traffic lights were built in Narvik. Modern street lamps were installed along the road, and new stops were created for public transport passengers.

Officials also assured that there would be more greenery there. They promised new plantings: 6,000 shrubs, 5,000 perennials and ornamental grasses. As they announced, in November the greenery will be enriched with 95 trees – mainly narrow-leaved ash and maples.

Residents: a street squeezed right up to people’s windows

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However, are the residents satisfied with the results of the work? There were numerous comments criticizing the investment in a group of Bemowo residents.

“I wonder what the designers have in mind. We have been waiting for the expansion of this section of Lazurowa for 20 years, so there was some time to think about this very complicated creation. Meanwhile, on a large section there is no space for a sidewalk and it is connected to a bicycle path,” wrote one from the inhabitants.

He added: “The street is squeezed right in front of people’s windows, and it could be 2-3 meters away. It could have been done better, instead of clinging to plans from several decades ago.”

The resident also raised the problem of the resulting “turnaround” for drivers. As he said, it is too close to the roundabout, and two cars are enough to effectively block it. He also noticed “a gigantic unused island of grass in the middle.”

A discussion broke out under the post. There were nearly 100 comments and over 200 reactions, mainly criticizing the reconstruction.

The investor explains the results of the work

The investor of the works is the Capital City Development Authority, and the contractor is SKANSKA. We asked SZRM to comment on this matter.

– The road design was created over 10 years ago, which means that the scope of the planned expansion of this section of Lazurowa was known before some of the currently existing residential buildings were built. The project included a viaduct along Lazurowa Street over the intersection with Górczewska Street. As part of the works currently being carried out, the viaduct has not been built – explained Agata Choińska-Ostrowska, spokeswoman for SZRM.

She added that after EU funding was granted in 2020 to meet the investment deadlines, the project was updated while maintaining the main parameters of the road, including an area reserve that will be planted with greenery. – Maintaining the area reserve makes it possible to build a viaduct in the future – she concluded.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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