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Warsaw. Results of local elections 2024. Elections to district councils. Which districts voted most willingly?

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The least number of residents of Praga Północ, Wola and Targówek went to the polls – these districts had the lowest turnout in local council elections. The highest turnout was in Wilanów, Wesoła and Ursynów.

National Electoral Commission data from 100%. Warsaw voting districts announced on Monday before 16.30. The Civic Coalition won in 16 out of 18 districts. An interesting situation occurred in Praga Północ, where Law and Justice won in percentage terms, but won fewer seats than KO. What was the voter turnout for local councillors?

The fewest votes were cast in Praga Północ

Data published by the National Electoral Commission show that the lowest turnout in district council elections was recorded in: Praga Północ 52.31 percent, Will 53.80 percent and Targówek 54.35 percent. However, the most votes were cast In Wilanów 65.34 percent, Merry Christmas 65.03 percent and in Ursynów 64.71 percent.

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When it comes to other districts, Śródmieście has a similar turnout 54.88 percent, desire 58.02 percent, Ursus 58.22 percent, Mokotów 58.76 percent, Praga Południe 58.95 percent, Białołęka 59.09 percent, Bielany 59.76 percent, Italy 59.79 percent, Bemowo 60, 54 percent, Rembertów 61.09 percent, Wawer 62.16 percent i Żoliborz 63.01 percent.

Trzaskowski won in Warsaw

Rafał Trzaskowski, who has been in power in the city since 2018, became the mayor of Warsaw for the next term. He also won in the first vote, gaining 505,187 votes (56.67%). His main opponent was Patryk Jaki, supported by PiS, who won 254,324 votes (28.53%).

Voting turnout was then 66.59%.

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