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Warsaw. Road engineers announce changes on the Mokotów section of Puławska

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Just over three weeks before the local elections, money was found for the reconstruction project of Puławska on the section from Dolna to Rakowiecka. The Warsaw Council decided to include PLN 800,000 for this purpose in the Multiannual Financial Forecast. According to the Municipal Roads Authority, the reconstruction of the street “could” start in 2026.

“The entire Mokotów section of Puławska Street between Dolna and Rakowiecka will finally be also for cyclists. This means the beginning of the end of the huge bicycle teleport. More importantly – there will be no half-measures. Puławska Street will be redesigned” – we read on the Facebook profile Plenipotentiary of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw for bicycle transport Łukasz Puchalski.

As Puchalski adds, “it is assumed that one of the three lanes on the road will be abandoned. This will make room for the missing section of the bicycle path and a wide sidewalk.” The works will involve many other changes in the area, including: reconstruction of traffic lights at the intersections with Dolna, Dąbrowskiego, Madalińskiego and Narbutta streets.

Reconstruction in 2026 at the earliest

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The PLN 800,000 donated by the capital's councilors are funds that will allow the selection of a designer. The Municipal Roads Authority announces that the reconstruction project should be ready next year. The reconstruction itself could be completed in 2026.

– Pedestrians will have a wider, comfortable sidewalk at their disposal, and cyclists will have a safe bike path, separated from both cars and pedestrians. Puławska must be comfortable – also for public transport passengers. At the same time, it will be possible to service service premises, and of course we do not forget about street greenery – says Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw, quoted in the ZDM release.

“Puławska needs to be redesigned – rebuilding the road, moving curbs, lamps and drainage, planning new elements of the street space in a coherent and safe way,” ZDM emphasizes. And he admits: it is a big investment that will cost at least several million zlotys. In addition, it will cause at least a year of difficulties for drivers.

A difficult period for Mokotów

The inhabitants of Mokotów are currently going through a difficult period related to road and transport investments whose importance goes far beyond this district. According to the city plan, they are arranged in order to avoid accumulation of difficulties. Construction has been going on for two years tram to Wilanów. Puławska is therefore the main detour for the rebuilt Belwederska and Spacerowa streets. A bus lane has been marked on the road for the duration of the works, which allows bus lines from Wilanów and Dolny Mokotów to avoid the disruptions. At that time, Tramwaje Warszawskie carried out works related to the replacement of the tracks located on a half-kilometer section. Such works were possible because they did not interfere with the temporary function of the street.

However, the end of works on Spacerowa and Belwederska does not mean the end of works on Puławska. The next stage will be the construction of the track on Rakowiecka Street. The contract signed by the tram workers last fall obliges the contractor to rebuild Rakowiecka by summer 2025. This will also mean the need to divert the investment, probably along the eastern Puławska road.

“During this time, we will be able to prepare design documentation and, after the tram investment is completed, start rebuilding Puławska itself, when it will no longer serve as the main detour,” road engineers announce.

The initial assumption is to abandon one of the three traffic lanes on the road. This change will allow for a minimum three-meter-long sidewalk with more greenery than currently. The place for a bicycle path separated from the sidewalk would be located where there are street lamps and signals, wells draining the road, which will have to be moved. Changing the road system and introducing bicycle traffic through subsequent intersections – Dolna, Dąbrowskiego, Madalińskiego, Narbutta – obviously means rebuilding the traffic lights.

The amended Multiannual Financial Forecast also includes money for other investments for cyclists. The last stages of the Łazienkowska bicycle route will be completed, i.e. the construction of the missing section of the route between Agrykola and Czerniakowska Street. In turn, the Green Management Board of the capital city Warsaw received money for the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle footbridge over the Czerniakowski Port. Thanks to this, the route from the Politechnika metro to Wisła and the routes on the right side of the river will be closed.

A nightmare for pedestrians and a wasted opportunity for redevelopment

We have already informed about the difficult situation on this section of Puławska on tvnwarszawa.pl. Puławska between Dolna and Goworka has long been a nightmare for pedestrians. The sidewalk is a “gorge” with walls made up of parked cars on one side and tenement houses on the other. In places where there are several steps leading to the store, the passage becomes so narrow that it is a challenge to pass someone coming from the opposite direction. The situation becomes even more complicated when it is a cyclist. Theoretically, it shouldn't be there, but Puławska offers nothing to cyclists on this section except the road.

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According to city activists, the construction of a tram to Wilanów could have been an impulse for changes. However, this did not happen.

According to Melani Łuczak, a Mokotów councilor from the Miasto Jest Nasze association, this is the second wasted opportunity to rebuild Puławska. – The first was the pandemic, when car traffic stopped and changes could be made, as was done in other cities – said the councilor in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl. She also recalled that the Zielona Puławska project, which assumed narrowing the road from three to two lanes and more trees, has been in the city hall's drawers for several years. – There were even public consultations, in which residents pointed out the need for bicycle infrastructure and decent conditions for pedestrians – she recalled.

Last September we reported that after a year of work on Puławska Street the situation for pedestrians and cyclists has not improved. The reconstruction of the track between Plac Unii Lubelskiej and Racławicka was related to the construction of the line to Wilanów. Critics of this form of renovation accused the road builders of ignoring the residents' demands. When trams returned to Puławska after 12 months, officials were asked why only drivers had it better, while pedestrians and cyclists were still neglected. – If nine billion zlotys had not been taken from us, each of these renovations could have been a comprehensive renovation – replied the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski. – We have to decide whether we are going to renovate the road and, like here (at the Radosława roundabout – ed.), we are also building curbs and also new bicycle paths, or whether we simply cannot afford it – he added. Then he estimated that comprehensive changes at Puławska Street would cost millions more, “if not tens of millions.”

Main photo source: Plenipotentiary of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw for bicycle transport

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