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Warsaw. Road works in Bielany and Italy, cars and buses on detours

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During the weekend, road workers will appear on Perzyńskiego Street, where they will continue pouring asphalt. In turn, from Monday, the lifting of a fragment of Hynka Street in the direction of Mokotów will begin.

“We plan to spend exactly 11 hours on laying the wearing course of asphalt, i.e. the last one, on Perzyńskiego Street – from 7:00 to 18:00 – on Saturday, July 15. During this time, the road will be completely closed to traffic along its entire length – from Broniewski to Żeromski” – explains the Warsaw ZDM in a communiqué.

Difficulties in Bielany

As road workers inform further, the previously open crossings through Staffa and Magiera streets will also be closed. Two-way traffic will be introduced on both sides of Perzyńskiego Street. “We would like to remind you that the Bielany district is renovating Staffa Street and for this reason the section of this road from Perzyńskiego to Makuszyński is closed. Therefore, two directions of traffic will be introduced on this street on the sections from Lisowska to Perzyńskiego and from Romaszewski to Makuszyński” – reports ZDM.

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Fresh asphalt must cool down, so it will be temporarily impossible to access properties located directly on Perzyńskiego Street. Detours continue along Jarzębskiego and Romaszewskiego Streets. “The contractor announces that after the completion of the works, next week he will start work on the street Czekazyńskiego” – indicates ZDM.

Buses will remain on the detour routes. Lines 197 and 303 go along Broniewskiego Street, pass Perzyńskiego Street and turn right into Jarzębskiego Street. Buses of the 303 line heading towards the Northern Cemetery stop at the temporary stop Bielany-Ratusz 54, on Jarzębskiego Street before the intersection with Żeromskiego.

Traffic organization during the renovation of Hynka Street

On Monday, July 17, at 5 o’clock, road workers plan to close the roadway of Hynka Street towards Mokotów. The street will get new asphalt. The work will last a whole week and will end on July 24.

“The Hynka roadway towards Mokotów will be closed from Aleja Krakowska to Żwirki i Wigury. Travelers in this direction will be able to avoid the renovation with one lane of the neighboring roadway of Łopuszańska and Hynka. It will be possible to enter Łopuszańska upstream before the viaducts – at the level of Flisa Street. Drivers will return to the right road ahead of the roundabout from Żwirki i Wigury – at the level of Zarankiewicza Street – but they will be immediately directed to the viaduct over the Makowski roundabout, from which they will exit to Sasanki Street” – road workers describe the temporary organization of traffic.

In the opposite direction, there will also be one traffic lane and an additional right turn lane at the level of RKS Okęcie or straight and right at the level of Radarowa.

Traffic organization during the renovation of Hynka StreetZDM

A detour of the difficulties was marked along the following streets: Komitet Ochrony Robotników or 1 Sierpnia (with an order to turn right into Aleja Krakowska). In addition, drivers will be able to bypass the difficulties along Aleje Jerozolimskie, Aleja Obrońców Warszawy, the Southern Bypass of Warsaw and ul. Pilotów or Aleje Jerozolimskie and ul. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920, Banacha, Żwirki i Wigury.

In addition, drivers driving Łopuszańska from Aleje Jerozolimskie will not enter the viaducts in the direction of Hynek. You can choose to go to the second roadway of Łopuszańska or to the lower roadway. However, before the Wojnara roundabout, they will have two lanes: to drive left or right into Aleja Krakowska. Driving straight into Hynka will be impossible.

ZDM warns that there will be no entry into the renovated roadway of Hynka Street from Aleja Krakowska. On the latter, on the road leading from the border of Warsaw to the city centre, the extreme right lane will be fenced off. Drivers will use the other three: one to turn left and two to go straight. On the carriageway from the opposite direction – from Grójecka Street – the number of lanes will not change. On the other hand, the extreme left one, instead of turning, will be used for turning around. Driving along Żwirki i Wigury Street in the direction of Chopin Airport will lose the possibility of driving straight (under the viaduct) in the extreme right lane. During renovation, it will only be possible to turn right into Hynka Street. The other lanes will remain unchanged.

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Difficulties for pedestrians and public transport passengers

Zebras across Hynka Street will be made available as the works progress. When work is carried out at the height of one of them – pedestrians will be directed to adjacent crossings. Bicycle crossings through Hynka and Żwirki i Wigury Streets (on the side of KOR Street) will be closed for the duration of the works.

During the renovation, buses 141 towards Witolin, 189 to Sadyba and 401 to the Służew metro station will run along Aleja Krakowska, KOR and Żwirki i Wigury streets. Buses will not stop at Hynka 05, Radarowa 01 and Astronautów 01 stops.

Main photo source: tvn24

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