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Warsaw. Room for summer 2024 – program

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A concert of the Mikromusic band with guest participation of Julia Pietrucha and Miuosh will inaugurate the activities of “Pokój na lato”, a summer cultural and café residence of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The wooden pavilion will be operational until the end of the summer. The program mainly includes music, discussions and workshops.

This year, the temporary pavilion on the green slope next to the museum celebrates its 10th anniversary.

– It was born from an innocent idea to fill the only green space within a radius of several hundred meters with a temporary summer structure, as a preparation for the expansion of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The pandemic greatly damaged the expansion, which dragged on over time. Suddenly it turned out that “Room for the summer” was more important to us than the extension. The pavilion that will be built here in the future was designed according to the experience of “Pokoj na lato”, it became a reference – said Jan Ołdakowski, director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, about the beginnings of the concept and its evolution.

Therapeutic function

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And his deputy explained the origins of the name and its new context, which was given by the war in Ukraine. – When we started, there was a play on words in the name “Room for the Summer”, which we thought was funny, because “peace” in Polish means a place, but also a state of mind. At the time, it seemed to be a commentary, a complement to the story we tell on the other side of the wall, where we talk about a tragic and engaging story. Years later, history added an unexpected twist to this play on words, because war is something we fear – explained Dariusz Gawin, deputy director of the museum.

Hence the motto of this year's edition, i.e. “Peace in times of anxiety”, and its symbol – a dove.

– This year's Peace is an attempt to respond and show that we, the people of Warsaw, feel various fears and anxieties and are worried about what will happen in the future. The room is an attempt to draw us into the world of entertainment and fun, but it also has a therapeutic function – added Ołdakowski.

The pavilion is light, ephemeral, dismantled every year, but it is a solid, rooted tradition, inscribed in the cultural landscape of Warsaw

Music and conversations

But before the therapy begins, there will be a grand opening, during which the band celebrating its 20th anniversary will play Micromusic, vocally supported by Julia Pietrucha and Miuosh. The following musical versions of “Pokoj na lato” will feature: Miętha, Frank Leen, Rubens and Daria from Silesia. – This year is important to me because it's the year I release my second album. I'm looking forward to the concert – I'll also be playing new songs there, and anything that's new is exciting for me. I'm moving my legs, Rubens rejoiced.

The program includes several series of meetings. “There will never be a summer like this again” – this is the title of the discussion on artificial intelligence, climate and war, led by Olga Drenda. Mateusz Adamczyk's guests will talk about emotions in language (“I connect words”). The topic of self-development will be looked at with a critical eye by the interlocutor Justyna Dżbik-Kluge (“Myths We Believed”). The journalist will also talk to the authors of books recently published by WAB. The opportunities and threats brought by artificial intelligence will be discussed by people invited by the authors of the Techstorie podcast: Sylwia Czubkowska and Joanna Sosnowska (“Aj, it's AI! by Techstorie”).

– The mistake in thinking about technologies is that they are just stories about the future. Technologies are very much embedded in the here and now and in our past. We will talk about what technology has done to us, what it is doing to us today and how we can prepare for change – says Sylwia Czubkowska.

Since “Room for the Summer” also includes vegetarian cuisine, the program included culinary meetings (“Kitchen from the kitchen”). Natalia Mętrak-Ruda will be responsible for them.

Admission to all events is free, but some will require admission registration.

Author:Piotr Bakalarski

Main photo source: Room for the summer / Facebook

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