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Warsaw. Rotterdam. Wanted on Interpol red notice for extortion and drug production arrested after 11 years

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The 47-year-old was arrested in Rotterdam. The man had been wanted for 11 years for extortion and drug production. A European Arrest Warrant and an Interpol Red Notice were issued for him. Abroad, he used a misappropriated identity.

Inspector Mariusz Ciarka, spokesman for the chief of police, said that 47-year-old Paweł W., a resident of Radom, committed very serious criminal offenses years ago. He had, among others, robbery extortion and production of narcotics.

– Then, wanting to avoid punishment, he began to hide from law enforcement and the judiciary – explained Insp. Sloe. That’s why a warrant was issued for the man. Everything indicated that Paweł W. had left Poland. The scope of the search was extended and a European Arrest Warrant and an Interpol red notice were issued, he added.

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He indicated that the police officers from the Search and Identification Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom never stopped searching. – They were very committed to making Paweł W. accountable for his actions. After years of painstaking activities and making many arrangements, Radom “headhunters” found his trail in the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – he emphasized.

The man was arrested after 11 years

– That is why the Central Section of Targeted Search in the Criminal Bureau of the National Police Headquarters, where the ENFAST Contact Point – the European network of police cooperation dealing with the search for the most dangerous criminals – is located. The network includes 27 EU Member States, thanks to which it is possible to exchange information immediately within Europe, he explained.

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Thanks to the cooperation between the Polish and Dutch police, the 47-year-old man was arrested in the city of Rotterdam after 11 years. “The man was completely surprised by the police action because he was using a misappropriated identity and was convinced that he would not be traced,” said Insp. Sloe. – Then the Dutch court carried out the extradition procedure and handed over the wanted person to the Polish side. Paweł W. was convoyed to Poland and placed in one of the Warsaw detention centers – he added.

– The arrest of the 47-year-old is further proof that police “seekers” never give up and meticulously check every lead – the spokesman noted.

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He was wanted with an Interpol red notice by the Ukrainian authoritiesPolice Warsaw Śródmieście

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