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Warsaw, Rudnicki. A car in the middle of a construction site

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There was information and a request to take the cars from the parking lot at Rudnickiego Street, one of the drivers did not comply and left the car. Now his car is at the heart of the ongoing works.

A car is parked in the middle of the ongoing reconstruction of Rudnickiego Street. Tomasz Zieliński, a reporter at tvnwarszawa.pl, drew attention to him.

As he recalls, there was an informal parking lot there before. – A few months ago, cards were hung there, asking for cars to be removed in connection with the planned reconstruction. They all took the cars except for one driver. The car is now in the middle of ongoing work. The city police cannot take this car because it has no leaks, is locked, secured, and in good condition. It’s not a traffic hazard, so there’s nothing they can do about it. Road workers are helpless. So they dug in the car and are doing the work, our reporter reports.


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The sequence of Rudnickiego-Perzyńskiego-Podczaszyńskiego streets is one of the most important in Bielany. It connects the Piaski, Słodowiec and Stare Bielany estates, and for those living in the eastern area of ​​Maczka Street, it provides convenient access to the Słodowiec metro station and further to Podleśna Street in front of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

However, its surface was already exploited, and the comfort of traveling was also reduced by the traffic organization at several intersections. The ongoing redevelopment of the Rudnickiego, Perzyńskiego and Sprzedażyńskiego streets is aimed at improving this infrastructure and streamlining traffic. Roadways, sidewalks and bicycle paths are being repaired. There will also be a new roundabout, pedestrian crossings, lampposts and trees. As the road workers clarified, it is a multi-industry project of changes in the district.

The sidewalks are ready

According to the Municipal Roads Authority, the construction of sidewalks has been completed on most sections of the streets. The exception is access to pedestrian crossings. “This is due to the fact that elevated pedestrian crossings will be built at the entrances of subordinate streets” – explained the Municipal Roads Authority in a communiqué.

“The high advancement of works also applies to the roads for bicycles along the street.

In the area of ​​the intersection of Rudnickiego and Broniewskiego streets, the construction of a car park with drainage has begun. As reported, the car park is taking on its target shape every day.

There will be a roundabout and a new surface

However, the biggest change awaits at the intersection of Rudnickiego and Kochanowskiego streets. The old and exploited traffic lights in this place are to be replaced by a turbine roundabout. Currently, the gas, sewage and water supply networks are being reconstructed. Comprehensive works will also include the construction of new street lighting, replacement of the foundation, and everything will be crowned with the laying of a new surface.

On the other hand, the road surface will be replaced along the entire route of Rudnickiego, Perzyńskiego and Sprzedażyńskiego Streets.

Old trees will stay, new ones will come

As the road builders informed, before starting the reconstruction of the Rudnickiego, Perzyńskiego and Sprzedażyńskiego streets, the greenery design from 2017 was analyzed and improved. “In many places, we managed to move the works away from the trees, increasing the space for root development. In addition, we also created space for the introduction of further rows of trees” – it was reported.

In total, 61 new trees will be planted throughout the investment. These will be Norway maples and field maples, common ashes, sour cherries and black pines. The effect will be complemented by thousands of shrubs and perennials.

Illuminated pedestrian crossings and new lanterns

At pedestrian crossings, road builders are finishing work related to extending conduits for lighting. As explained by the conduit, it is a blue pipe that can often be seen during renovations and reconstructions, especially traffic lights and lighting. They contain the cables necessary to power the emerging infrastructure.

However, lighting of pedestrian crossings is only one of the elements of lighting works. 37 new street lamps will be installed on Perzyńskiego and Rudnickiego streets. The poles have already been purchased and are waiting for assembly.

The lighting at Czekazyńskiego street was renovated in 2019. – At that time, we set up 34 lanterns of the Warsaw crosier type from 1928, equipped with energy-saving LED luminaires – clarified ZDM.

In the near future, the Municipal Roads Authority is planning to start new plantings of bushes on the street Czekazyńskiego, Perzyńskiego and further reconstruction of the gas, water supply, sewage, power, telecommunication and heating networks. Works related to the reconstruction of the signaling at the intersection of Rudnickiego and Broniewskiego Streets will also begin, as well as works related to the construction of a pavement and a bicycle path in Rudnickiego Street, and the completion of the wearing course on the already built fragments of the bicycle path. Road workers will also work on the construction of elevated pedestrian crossings. “We also want to start cleanup work on already completed fragments” – added in the release.

On tvnwarszawa.pl we also informed about the planned renovation of Jana Kazimierza Street in Odolany:

Jana Kazimierza in Odolany will undergo renovationMateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

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