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Warsaw. “Run over the Bridge” and “Onkobieg”. Start. Route. Impediments

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On Sunday, runners of all ages will be able to test their strength. Participants of the 10th anniversary edition of “Run across the Bridge” will run through the streets of Białołęka, and the charity “Onkobieg” will run through the streets of Ursynów. Drivers and passengers of public transport must expect difficulties.

The streets where both events were planned will be temporarily closed to traffic. Public transport buses will operate on diversions.

Białołęcki “Run over the Bridge”

“Run across the Bridge” is the first part of the “Białołęka Running Triad” organized by the Białołęka district office. It is complemented by the local Independence Run, which will take place on November 11, and the Freedom Run, organized around the anniversary of martial law, this year it will be December 10.

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On Sunday, nearly a thousand competitors will compete on the streets of Tarchomin and the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge. They will have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete the ten-kilometer route. An additional attraction will be children’s runs over distances from 300 to 900 meters.

Competitors from the main race will start from Szafrańców Street at 11:00. Then they will run along the following streets: Trakt Nadwiślański, Obrazkowa (which will be closed between 10:55-13:20), Świderska (closed between 11:00-12:20), Mehoffera, Nowodworska (impassable between 11:05-12:20). 12:05) to Discovery and nawrotka at the level of Štefánika Street (closed between 11:10-11:35). Further on, the runners will return along Odkryta, Nowodworska, Mehoffera and Świderska Streets to the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge. There, a special stage will begin, played on the pavement and bicycle path. After another relapse – at the end of the crossing – the competitors will cover the last straight through the bridge and Świderska and Obrazkowa Streets to Trakt Nadwiślański and the finish line at ul. Szafraców.

During the competition, these roads will be closed to traffic, as well as entrances to access roads and exits from housing estates directly connected to the route of the run. Bus lines 211, 516, 518 and Z11 will change their routes.

Charity “Onkobieg” in Ursynów

The 16th edition of the “Onkobieg” charity running event will be held in Ursynów. The competition is intended to support oncology patients and promote health prevention, and the funds collected will help, among others: finance the purchase of prosthetic limbs lost as a result of cancer, psycho-oncologist care and non-reimbursed treatments and medications.

The route will run in the area of ​​the National Institute of Oncology at 5 Roentgena Street.

During the race, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the eastern road of Roentgena Street – leading to the avenue of the National Education Commission – will be completely closed to traffic. However, on the road towards Płaskowicka Street, vehicle traffic will be allowed in only one lane.

If it is not possible to travel, lines 179, 209, 715 and 737 will be diverted.

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Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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