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Warsaw. Running of the Constitution on May 3. New route, finish and start

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In this year’s edition, the well-known route of the Constitution of May 3rd will change. Participants, there will be four thousand of them, will run through Nowy Świat. The organizers ensure that the route is more spectacular and better refers to the events related to the adoption of the Constitution.

Start of the race on May 3 at 10. Five minutes later, a Nordic walking group will set off on the route. The host of the event is the capital city of Warsaw, and the co-organizers of Active Warsaw and the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation.

– The Constitution Run on May 3 inaugurates the 31st edition of the Warsaw Running Triad. It is a run with a huge tradition, older than many competitors taking part in it today. At the same time, the event is constantly changing. This year, the competition will be held on a completely new route with the start and finish in Nowy Świat. Since spring, we have turned this street into a pedestrian promenade on weekends. I hope that on May 3, Nowy Świat will be attended by at least as many fans as participants of the run – said the deputy mayor of Warsaw, Renata Kaznowska, quoted in the communiqué.

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A scenic and symbolic run route

The Constitution Run on May 3 is held over a distance of five kilometers, and the route itself is certified by PZLA. Runners have 55 minutes to cover the distance. The start and finish will be located in Nowy Świat. “The route is simple and very fast. The number of turns has been limited to a minimum, and the aesthetic qualities will satisfy even the most demanding tourists and history lovers” – the city hall assures in a release.

The start and finish of the competition will be located on Nowy Świat Street, near Foksal. From there, the competitors will run through the de Gaulle roundabout along the southern lane of Aleje Jerozolimskie through the bridge and Aleja Poniatowskiego to the Washington roundabout. There they will turn around and go back to Śródmieście via the northern side of the avenue and the Poniatowski bridge, where they will take Aleje Jerozolimskie to the de Gaulle roundabout, and there they will turn into Nowy Świat. The starter’s shot will be heard by the competitors at 10.

Running of the Constitution on May 3City Hall of Warsaw

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The route symbolically refers to the Constitution of May 3. “The runners will run across the Poniatowski Bridge in both directions. The name of Prince Józef Poniatowski is inextricably linked to the events of 1791. Prince Józef belonged to the Assembly of Friends of the Government Constitution” – explains the town hall.

– The course of this year’s event is exceptionally attractive, full of beautiful views, allowing participants to admire Warsaw from the perspective of both sides of the Vistula River. The idea was for the four thousand competitors celebrating the holiday with us to feel the place where the idea of ​​this key legal act for Polish history was created – said Magdalena Skrocka, director of the Warsaw Running Triad.

This year’s routeWarsaw City Hall

A medal for everyone

Each runner who reaches the finish line will receive a commemorative gold medal. Its distinguishing motif is a pen, referring to the act of signing the Constitution of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1791.

A year ago, the Warsaw Constitution Run on May 3rd was won by the titled Polish marathon runner Iwona Bernardelli with a score of 16.35.

The fastest man was Taras Telkowski, a political refugee from Belarus, who triumphed in 15:29. The runner was a youth representative of his country in athletics. After being forced to leave his homeland, he received a humanitarian visa in Poland.

Changes in traffic organization

The competition will start on a fragment of Nowy Świat, which is closed to traffic – the street is part of the promenade, arranged on the Royal Route. On Wednesday, May 3, at At 5.00, pedestrian crossings will be blocked – across Nowy Świat – at the height of Foksal and Ordynacka. The main traffic closures, introduced along the entire route of the run, will be in effect from 9.30-11.30. Then both lanes of Aleje Jerozolimskie, the bridge and Aleja Poniatowskiego, as well as the Washington roundabout will be closed to traffic. Drivers driving along Aleje Jerozolimskie towards Praga will have to turn right into Krucza Street. Only residents commuting to Bracka will go further. On the other hand, from Krucza Street, you will not be able to turn into Aleje Jerozolimskie towards the bridge – both from Piękna Street and from Plac Piię Rogów. Smolna Street will be completely closed for two hours. During the competition, those traveling along Wisłostrada will not enter the Poniatowski Bridge – the slip road in the area of ​​Wioślarska Street will be closed. On the side of Praga, the slip roads enabling entry from the Szczecin coast and Wał Miedzeszyński to the Poniatowski bridge or driving towards the Washington roundabout will also be closed. The Washington roundabout will also be closed during the run. In this area, individual vehicles, as well as public transport, will be able to pass only on the following routes: – from Francuska street, turn right into al. Washington, towards the Wiatraczna roundabout; – regret. Washington, turn right into al. Zieleniecka, towards Targowa. On the other hand, from Targowa Street, near Teatr Powszechny, you will not be able to turn right into al. Zieleniecka, towards PGE Narodowy. Along Aleje Jerozolimskie, in the area of ​​the Warszawa Powiśle railway stop, as well as on the side of the National Museum from 9.00-12.00 there will be a ban on stopping and parking, also in designated parking spaces.

Changes in public transport

During the closure of Aleje Jerozolimskie, the bridge and Aleja Poniatowskiego and the Washington roundabout, tram traffic on these streets and al. Washington. Line trams 9, 22 and 24, on the side of Śródmieście you will reach pl. Starynkiewicza, and in Praga to the Ratuszowa-ZOO loop. The trains of line 7 will travel over the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge. The line buses will also run on changed routes 109, 111, 117, 123, 127, 138, 146, 147, 158, 166, 507, 509, 521. Those that cross the Vistula will be directed to the Łazienkowski bridge; except for 166, which will go over the Świętokrzyski bridge. Detailed information on the functioning of public transport is available on the website wtp.waw.pl.

Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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