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Warsaw. Rusty footbridge. Work is underway on the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge across the Vistula River

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The capital’s town hall summed up the progress in the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Vistula River. The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, said that if the pace of works is maintained, the crossing will be ready in the spring of next year.

– It will be one of the most beautiful views of Warsaw. The prospect is protected by UNESCO, and from the pedestrian and bicycle bridge it will be seen in a sensational way – praised the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, during the Thursday conference devoted to the progress of works on the construction of a footbridge over the Vistula River. As he noted, the construction of the footbridge and changes along Okrzei Street will allow traffic from the Vistula Boulevards to be redirected to the Praga side as well. – We are building this bridge very quickly and if this pace is maintained, we will put it into service in 2024 – said Trzaskowski.

The concrete supports are ready, it’s time for the steel structure

In December last year, concreting of the pillars of the last two river supports of the bridge was completed. According to the city officials, at the end of February, according to the plan, the contractor of the bridge – the Budimex company – started preparations for the assembly of its steel structures. In April, the first segments were installed on the pillars. In the coming weeks, further spans of the bridge will be installed on reinforced concrete supports.

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However, before the spans are installed, steel piles will be driven into the bottom of the river under the crane, which will be used to assemble the above-mentioned elements in the river current. “This machine is Demag CC3800 – its load capacity is as much as 650 tons. This type of equipment is used to assemble, for example, wind turbine blades. A specialized crane is used for a reason – one element of the bridge is 23 meters long and weighs up to 36 tons” – they emphasized in the press release, officials from the capital city hall.

Corten steel imitation

Asked during the conference about the planned traffic layout on the footbridge, Rafał Trzaskowski admitted that pedestrians will not be separated from cyclists. – The bridge is wider in one place, a little narrower in the other. Therefore, we wanted to reconcile the needs of pedestrians and cyclists. We were afraid that if we set up a bicycle path, cyclists could move a bit too fast – explained the mayor of the capital. – I am convinced that pedestrians and cyclists will create a kind of synergy on this bridge and will complement each other – he stressed.

Looking at the already built fragment of the crossing, one can get the impression that its surface has corroded. However, this is the effect of the paint used, which imitates rusty sheet metal. – We were supposed to imitate Corten steel here and it is of course included in the design. This leads to the fact that this bridge will be more durable, resistant to weather conditions – noted Rafał Trzaskowski.

Pedestrian and bicycle footbridge over the Vistula River

The new bridge will be half a kilometer long and will connect the Vistula Boulevards at the level of Karowa Street with Okrzei Street in Praga Północ. Its width will be variable – it will be 6.9 meters at its narrowest point, and it will expand to 16.3 meters over the river’s current. The structure will be 452 meters long. Thus, it will be 127 meters longer than London’s Millennium Bridge. Pedestrians can walk the crossing in six minutes, cyclists can cross it in two minutes.

Rest areas for pedestrians will be installed on the footbridge. The lighting of the facility will be provided by light sources placed in the balustrades. The bridge will be monitored.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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