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Warsaw. S2: truck turned over to the side, exit to the airport blocked

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On Friday, a truck overturned at the exit from the S2 route to the S79 route. The driver from the incident left unscathed, but was completely blocked. – The operation of lifting in the tunnel is difficult, it will take up to several hours – the firefighters announced. The matter was additionally complicated by the type of goods transported. Sanepid inspectors were called for meat.

The action of the services was watched by the reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl Artur Węgrzynowicz. – The truck with a semitrailer is lying on its side. The vehicle is at the end of the tunnel. The wall the truck has hit is also damaged. Among others, firefighters from the technical rescue unit work on site – he reported before 9 o’clock – The firefighters say that the operation will be difficult due to the limited height and width of the tunnel. The car was transporting meat. Before starting the process of putting the vehicle on the wheels, the goods must first be unloaded, said Węgrzynowicz.

At about 11 o’clock, Edyta Adamus from the Warsaw Police Headquarters said that the difficulties in this place may continue for many hours. – Due to the fact that the vehicle was transporting food, there are sanitary inspection employees on site who have to complete the procedures – informed the policewoman.

In the afternoon, the unloading of meat began

In turn, according to Michał Skrzypa, from the Warsaw fire brigade, until the truck is unloaded, it is not possible to put it on the wheels. In the morning the firefighters finished their operations at the scene. It is possible that they will return this evening to pick up the vehicle. However, it is possible that roadside assistance will take care of this at the request of the vehicle owner.

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The reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl Mateusz Szmelter informed that the reloading of the goods began only before 5 pm. – A second truck drove up to the overturned truck, to which the meat is being put – he described.

Police said in the afternoon that difficulties at the exit from S2 to S79 ​​may last up to 9pm. But in the evening it turned out that it would take a few more hours to open the tunnel. It was only around 10 pm that two tugs appeared on the spot. With their help, the truck will be put on wheels.

The driver fined

Earlier, Tomasz Cisek from the Warsaw fire brigade informed that the incident took place at the exit towards the airport. – The truck capsized under the viaduct of the S2 route. The driver was not seriously injured and left the vehicle on his own. Currently, it is not possible to travel to the airport, he said. The firefighter noted that the action of lifting the truck would be difficult because the vehicle overturned in the tunnel. “The inconvenience may take up to several hours,” warned Cisek.

The police also arrived at the scene. – Nothing happened to the truck driver. He was sober. He was fined – Edyta Adamus told us earlier.

We also received information about an overturned truck at Kontakt 24. “Attention, icing under the viaduct and on the entire route to Marynarska Street” – wrote the reader.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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