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Warsaw. Scam on the “US Military Physician”. A woman from Konstancin-Jeziorna lost over 50,000 zlotys

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According to the police from Piaseczno, an “American military doctor” from the front lines in Yemen tried to save an inhabitant of Konstancin-Jeziorna. In his case, she also wrote a letter to the US Army Headquarters. Bank employees and officers warned the woman against fraud, but she disobeyed and went to another branch. The 50-year-old lost PLN 56,000.

Police officers from Konstancin-Jeziorna were summoned to one of the banks a few days ago. The reason for the intervention was a suspicious – in the opinion of the employees of the facility – a transfer, which a 50-year-old woman wanted to make. – The officers found that for several months she had been in contact with an “American doctor” who was participating in a military mission in Yemen using one of the instant messaging services. According to her account, he was in the front line of the fight. His life is in danger every day and he wants to come to Poland from this war – reports the spokesman of the Nadkom command in Piaseczno. Jarosław Sawicki.

As he adds, the “American doctor” prompted the woman to turn to the American army headquarters and write a letter on him to the general to dismiss him from further service: – The woman did it by sending requests to the addresses given to her. In response, she received information that her request would be considered, but she had to pay a transit fee of PLN 20,000, which she did in July this year.


She lost 56 thousand. PLN for acquaintance with an “American military doctor”

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According to police reports, bank employees warned the woman not to send money. The officers, in turn, informed her about the scam. – The woman undertook to refrain from further transfers and provide all information related to this crime, but she did not meet this condition. She was still in contact with the scammer and decided to make another transfer to the account sent to her – she gives nadkom. Sawicki.

But this time the woman did not use the bank in Konstancin-Jeziorna, but came to Piaseczno. – Here she made another transfer, also taking a loan – informs the policeman. – When last weekend she announced that she had already sent money to the account given to her, the “American doctor” broke up with her. The woman lost a total of PLN 56,000 – he sums up.

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