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Warsaw. School as the main theme of the festival “Warsaw under construction”

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The 13th edition of the “Warsaw Under Construction” festival will be held under the slogan: “How to Make School?”. As announced by the Museum of Modern Art, this year’s edition will be devoted to trends in designing space for education.

This year’s edition of “Warsaw Under Construction” is curated by Szymon Maliborski and Paweł Brylski, both associated with the Museum of Modern Art. According to tradition, the events prepared as part of the festival actively contribute to commenting on current affairs, on the other hand, they concern issues related to the design of the city.

“How to do school?”

The exhibition and events accompanying the 13th edition of the festival will be an invitation to discuss the methods of education and the necessary changes in the education process. The team preparing the festival wants to identify the challenges and forecasts regarding architecture and school life, as well as help in the development of action scenarios for institutions and people, including teachers and teachers.

– We ask the title question at a time of the crisis in education, aggravated by the pandemic. We are aware, however, that problems caused by the lack of space, staff, resources or political tensions have happened many times before and have been dealt with in various ways. Next to the question “How to do school?” we also ask the question: for whom and what is this school for? How to change pedagogical models, how to redirect it from providing knowledge to supporting competences – explains Szymon Maliborski, quoted in the press release.

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Opening on Friday

The opening of the exhibition accompanying the 13th edition of the “Warsaw Under Construction” festival will take place on Friday, October 8 at 6 pm at the Museum on the Vistula River. As part of the festival, meetings, debates and architectural walks are also planned. Participants of the latter will have the opportunity to get to know the inside out of school projects – both historical and contemporary. Grzegorz Piątek, the historian and architecture critic, the author of the book “The Best City of the World” and the aforementioned Paweł Brylski, will talk about the tradition of designing educational institutions.

The festival will last until November 7.

We also informed on tvnwarszawa.pl that it was made available by the Museum of Warsaw collection of photographs from the Warsaw Uprising:

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Main photo source: MSN

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