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Warsaw. Scooter on top of the Wisłostrada tunnel wall. “She could fall on cars driving downstairs at any time.”

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Someone left the electric scooter on top of the wall separating the Wisłostrada tunnel carriageways. The firefighters removed her, because at any moment she could fall on cars driving downstairs. The police are to deal with finding the perpetrator.

The report about the scooter lying at the top of the tunnel entrance was received by the municipal police on September 17 at about 2.30 pm. Officers patrolling Śródmieście were sent to the site. – As they found out on the spot, the unimaginative “prankster” left the electric scooter on top of the wall separating the traffic lanes in opposite directions. As a result of a strong gust of wind, the vehicle could fall on the cars driving downstairs at any time, informs the press office of the city guard.

The guards called the fire brigade and the police to the scene. The scooter was taken off the wall by firefighters. – The vehicle was taken to a nearby police station. Police officers will look for the user – announces the city guard.


When can I get a ticket for parking an e-scooter incorrectly?

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At the end of May, new rules on so-called “personal transport devices” entered into force. They specify not only where and who can use scooters, but also where vehicles rented for minutes should be left.

The city guard then announced that all e-scooters left improperly on the road and obstructing traffic will be removed at the expense of the owner. The act has added a regulation which specifies the maximum rates of fees – PLN 123 for removal and PLN 23 for each day of storage. Cases of incorrect parking can be reported to the city number 19 115.

According to the new regulations, parking of electric scooters is allowed only in designated areas, and if there are none – on the pavement, parallel to its outer edge.

The city guard also explained who pays the fine if the scooter being removed belongs to the rental company. – First, we order the removal of the scooter, and then we ask the owner of the vehicle, i.e. the rental company, who on a given day at a certain time used the improperly parked scooter – explained Jarzy Jabraszko from the capital city guard. Only after obtaining the borrower’s data, the guards can issue a ticket. – If the company is not able to track the user who broke the regulations, then the company has to pay the fine – he added.

Main photo source: Municipal Police of the Capital City of Of Warsaw

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