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Warsaw. Scooters popular in Śródmieście, bicycles – on campuses and along the Vistula River. Micromobility report

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A report was created that shows in detail how the capital’s residents use networked scooters and city bikes. 15 million trips made in 2021 and 2022 were analyzed.

According to the capital city hall, this is the first analysis in the world based on such a large sample of data obtained from many operators. The data for the study were provided by the following companies: Bolt, Dott, Lime, Tier, which have scooters in Warsaw. The report also includes data from the Nextbike system, i.e. the Veturilo city bike operator. Łukasz Nawaro, a micromobility specialist from the University of Warsaw, who cooperated with the team of the Strategy and Analysis Office at the city hall, was responsible for the development. The analysis covered journeys made between March 2021 and November 2022.

Bikes are most popular in spring

The author of the study first took into account the travel time on networked scooters and city bikes. In the case of scooters, the ride takes on average 8 minutes 16 seconds (median – 5 minutes 43 seconds). The average distance covered by their users is 1,111 meters (median – 814 m).

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Veturilo trips, on the other hand, are longer, last on average 14.5 minutes (median over 11.5 minutes) and take place over longer distances – 2,420 meters (median 1,751 m).

Interest in e-scooters increases on Fridays and Saturdays, and Veturilo on Saturdays and Sundays. Unsurprisingly, travel times on city bikes are also longer on weekends. The author of the report noted that scooters are used more often at night. This is 10 percent of all journeys made 24 hours a day.

E-scooter rides during the dayUM Warsaw

Year-round traffic analysis showed that 42 percent of scooter rides take place between June and August, 35 percent from September to November, 19 percent in the period March-May, and only 4 percent from December to February.

In the case of city bikes, 47% of trips take place from June to August. travel, in the period March-May 28%, and from September to November 25%. The Vetrurilo system is unavailable in winter.

Veturilo trips during the dayUM Warsaw

Where to go by bike and where by scooter?

E-scooter trips in Warsaw are insular and concentrated: a large part of trips take place in the very center (including trips across the Vistula River) and office centers or tourist areas. The advantage of scooters over bicycles was observed on Marszałkowska, Krakowskie Przedmieście, Nowy Świat, around the ONZ roundabout, Poniatówka beach and the Washington roundabout.

The Veturilo system is more dispersed, but rental bike trips are particularly frequent in the area of ​​student campuses: University of Technology, University of Warsaw, SGH, WUM, UKSW; in Ursynów along the metro line; along the Vistula line north of the Copernicus Science Center and Praga Północ.

The study also presents conclusions from the correlation between scooters and city bikes and public transport. It has been shown that approximately 25 percent e-scooter rides end within a radius of 70 meters from an express bus stop, tram stop or metro entrance. The same figure for Veturilo is approximately 52%.

Therefore, the complementary role of micromobility within the public transport system exists in the case of both bicycles and scooters, but it is on a much larger scale in the case of Veturilo. The author of the report indicates that in the case of e-scooters there is greater integration with metro stations, especially on the M1 line.

Trips ending at a maximum of 70 meters from the stopUM Warsaw

Scooter users do not park at the stands

The report admitted that parking scooters in the area of ​​racks designated by the Municipal Roads Authority was not very well received. Only 6 percent of trips end within a parking lot. However, of those trips that ended within 30 meters of the designated space, one third of users chose to park near the stand.

The authors of the report estimated the total number of e-scooter users in Warsaw at approximately 100,000, and regular users at 10-20,000. On average, scooters are used several times a month.

The number of Veturilo users is 146,000 (people who have registered in the new bicycle rental system in the capital, active since 2023).

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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