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Warsaw. Scooters were lost in the area. A group of children found them in the bushes

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A group of children were looking for a missing scooter in the bushes. They made noise, which alarmed the local residents. City guards were called to the scene. It turned out that there were more bikes hidden in the bushes.

City guards who were patrolling Grochów on October 11 received a report about a disturbance and devastation of the area at Okuniewska Street around 1 p.m.

“They intervened. In an unfenced plot, they found six children running around, looking into the bushes surrounding a vacant lot. The children were looking for a scooter that was missing. After 20 minutes of searching, one vehicle was found. The officers also found three other scooters hidden.” – describes the press release of the Warsaw City Guard in a statement. It turned out that the remaining scooters found at the scene did not belong to children. They told the guards that they had seen two-wheelers two days earlier at the junction of Bełżecka and Okuniewska streets. They also added that scooters have recently been missing in this area.

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“The guards called a police patrol, which arrived on site around 3:40 p.m. The scooters were handed over to the Lost and Found Office. Two of the vehicles were valued at over PLN 500 each,” the statement summarized.

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The incident took place in Nowa Iwiczna STOP THE BAD

Main photo source: City guard in Warsaw

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