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Warsaw. Seeds in meadows. Until when the action lasts

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Warsaw residents willingly choose free seeds from meadows, which appeared at the end of April at two points. Stocks are running out and will not be replenished this year. The Green Board explains why.

The first device was installed at the Kamień Educational Pavilion and at Osiedle Jazdów. Łąkomaty produce 10 grams of seeds, which allows for sowing five square meters of a meadow. The collected seeds are used to create a flower meadow on the balcony or in the garden. The management of Zieleni emphasized with their launch that they wanted to encourage the inhabitants to “create their own flowering carpets”.

The period of sowing meadows is about to end

At the beginning of June, however, we received signals that the seeds are running low. To choose your “portion” you have to hurry. It turns out that this is the last chance. We asked the Green Board if the stocks would be replenished. As Magdalena Zamkutowicz told us, the seeds at the Kamień Educational Pavilion are still available (they can be collected from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 and on weekends from 12.00 to 18.00). – The stock will not be replenished, however, there are about two kilograms left (last week – ed.) – she informed.

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Why won’t there be more seeds this year? As explained by Zamkutowicz, the meadows were equipped with seeds in cooperation with the Zieleni Board and the Łąka Foundation as part of the “Warsaw in flowers” project. – The cooperation assumed the provision of 50 kilograms of seeds in the Kamień Educational Pavilion and in Jazdów. Additionally, at the request of the ZZW, the Łąka Foundation delivered 10 kilograms of seeds to both locations, she said. And she added: – The seeds will not be replenished also because the period of sowing flower meadows is about to end, and the project “Warsaw in flowers” has already moved to the next stage – submitting competition entries. They can be submitted until June 30.

She assured one that the meadows would return next season. – Taking into account that the grasslands are very popular among residents, we plan to continue the project next year – summed up the official.

What is the situation in Jazdów? The action is still going on there. – We have over 10 kilograms of seeds left. The seed machines were fed by Almette in addition to the initial 100 kilograms, an additional 20 kilograms. There were 60 kilograms of seed in each location. Of course, we are spending now while stocks last – Agnieszka Nowak from the Łąka Foundation told us. She also added that the meadow at 10/5 Jazdów Street is operational, is filled on weekdays around 10 am and hidden around 6 pm – The rate of seed collection indicates that it may still be enough for about two weeks – she assessed.

“Warsaw in Flowers”

As previously reported by the town hall, two Warsaw meadows are part of the Warszawa w Kwiatach project, promoting urban gardening and supporting biodiversity in the city. Throughout the spring, residents could participate in gardening workshops in Kamień and training with gardeners in order to be ready to participate in the 39th edition of the competition for the most beautiful balconies and gardens in the summer. The call for applications for the “Warsaw in Flowers” competition started on June 1 and lasts until the end of the month. Residents may submit flower gardens, balconies, loggias and allotment gardens. More information about the competition can be found here >>>

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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