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Warsaw. Sentence on the driver from Socrates

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The court sentenced Krystian O., the perpetrator of the tragic accident at Sokratesa Street, to seven years and 10 months in prison.

The verdict was handed down on Monday in the District Court in Warsaw. Krystian O., sat in the dock because in October 2019 he fatally hit a man walking with his wife and a child in a pram at a pedestrian crossing on Sokratesa Street.

Initially, Krystian O. was charged with causing a fatal accident and exposing pedestrians on the crossing to the risk of loss of life or serious damage to health (he could be imprisoned for a maximum of eight years). But the charges were changed. According to experts, the driver, in a place with a speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour, had 136 km / h on the dashboard.

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Krystian O.’s car should not be allowed for traffic

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Krystian O. bought an orange BMW a year before the accident. The car was supposed to be used for “weekend trips” and to help him relax. – I bought it to have it, to care for it. To break away after a whole week of work, to rest with him, taking care of him – he said during the first hearing in March this year. He assured: technical tests bmw passed without problems. I did not know about the changes.

The investigators had an opinion in the field of automotive technology, in which the specialist stated that the car after the modifications “was in a technical condition that did not allow for road approval”. According to the expert, the BMW had modified brake, steering and suspension systems. The ABS sensor was removed in it. The car was also converted to right-hand drive, which was not provided for by the manufacturer.

The accident was widely publicized and contributed to changes in Polish law. The street itself is also changing.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak / PAP

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