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Warsaw. She attacked a senior citizen in Wrocław “for no reason” and was detained by Warsaw police

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Warsaw police officers helped detain a woman who allegedly attacked a senior citizen in Wrocław without any reason. A 47-year-old woman from the capital was transported to Lower Silesia, where she was charged.

The incident in which, according to the police, a 47-year-old woman attacked a senior citizen in Nowy Dwór in Wrocław without any reason, took place last month.

“The police initiated bodily injury proceedings in this case. As it turned out, the same perpetrator was also persistently harassing other people in the Nowy Dwór housing estate,” the officers say.

Temporary arrest

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Police officers from the Wrocław-Fabryczna Police Station initiated proceedings in this case, in which they were looking for a woman in crisis of homelessness. She was arrested thanks to the help of officers from the Warsaw I District Police Headquarters.

“Yesterday she was transported to Wrocław, where, at the request of the Prosecutor's Office for Wrocław-Fabryczna, the court decided to temporarily arrest her, justifying its decision, among other things, with the need to obtain an opinion from an expert psychiatrist,” the police say.

She may face up to five years in prison for her crimes.

Main photo source: Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław

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