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Warsaw. She fell during a family trip. She was bleeding. She went to hospital

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A 42-year-old resident of Wola suffered an extremely dangerous arterial hemorrhage when she fell during a bicycle trip to the Old Town. She was helped by city guards who were alerted by the victim's husband.

Inspectors from the Department for the Old and New Town, Agnieszka Ojrzyńska and Dominik Chrząszcz, patrolled Castle Square on Sunday, May 26, at a quarter of an hour after 3 p.m. Suddenly they saw a nervous man running towards them.

“He ran up to us and said that his wife had fallen while riding a bicycle and 'cut herself'” – said inspector Agnieszka Ojrzyńska from the 1st Field Department, quoted in the guards' release. “He didn't realize how serious the situation was,” she added.

An injured woman, bent double, was leaning against the fence of the garden of a restaurant at the corner of Zamkowy Square and Senatorska Street. Next to her was a bicycle and two children, aged 6-7, also with bicycles.

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“The woman had blood on her clothes – from shorts to her feet. The color of the blood and the amount of bleeding left no doubt – there was an extremely dangerous breach of the femoral artery. We immediately called an ambulance and started the rescue operation,” described Ojrzyńska, who, like her patrol partner, , is a qualified first aid rescuer.

The woman's leg was bleeding profusely Warsaw City Guard

The woman was taken to hospital

The guards tried to stop the bleeding using materials from first aid kits, but seeing that this was ineffective, they asked for support from another patrol equipped with a specialized backpack with equipment.

Using a tactical tourniquet (i.e. a bandage to stop severe arterial hemorrhages), the blood flow was controlled. Rescue patrol officers will also provide psychological support to the shaken children and the victim's husband. An ambulance took a weak woman complaining of dizziness to the hospital.

The injured woman's bicycle was left in the care of guards at the headquarters of the Old Town department at Castle Square. The man went home with his two children.

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