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Warsaw. She was supposed to hit the cohabitant on the head with a metal tube. The police said that someone had beaten him up in front of the store

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The policemen from Mokotów detained a 51-year-old suspected of hitting the cohabitant in the head with a metal pipe. As they report, the woman called an ambulance to the place because the man was bleeding and she persuaded the officers that he returned home in such a state. At the time of her arrest, she was intoxicated, and faces up to five years in prison.

The intervention against the 51-year-old was undertaken by policemen from the intelligence and patrol department. The duty officer of the capital’s command post ordered them to the allotment gardens at Piaseczyńska street, where an ambulance had also been sent earlier.

The officers were the first to arrive. – When they got there, they saw the 55-year-old sitting in a chair in the gazebo. Blood was seeping from around his head. Next to him sat a worried and smelling woman who explained that her cohabitant had returned from the store at night with a head wound. Someone was going to beat him. After a while she straightened that it was around six in the morning after all. She explained that she tried to stop the bleeding, but could not cope, so she called an ambulance – reports Robert Koniuszy from the Warsaw II District Police Headquarters.


They found a metal tube with traces of blood on it

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As he describes, the uniforms tried to stop the bleeding with a bandage, but the wound was quite serious. The paramedics took care of the injured. It turned out that the 55-year-old will require hospitalization. However, before he was taken to hospital, police asked how he was injured. The man admitted that it was the concubine that hit him on the head with something hard. But she doesn’t know what it was. The impact, on the other hand, was quite strong – emphasizes Koniuszy.

After this confession, the police returned to the gazebo and searched it. There they found a metal tube with traces of blood on it. – The tool of crime has been secured against loss of evidence. An investigation team and a police forensics technician were called to the scene, informs the press officer of the Mokotów police.

The police detained the 51-year-old who did not confess to beating her partner. They also tested it with an alcohol test. The test result indicated almost two per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air. Until she sobered up, the woman was kept in police custody. Subsequently, she was charged with causing damage to the 55-year-old’s health, for which she is threatened with up to five years in prison. Until the trial, the woman was placed under police supervision.

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