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Warsaw. Smoke over the production hall in Białołęka, the owner punished

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Thick, brown smoke hovering over the production hall in Białołęka attracted the attention of city guards dealing with environmental protection. The officers carried out an inspection and discovered an out-of-class stove, which, according to the Mazovian anti-smog resolution, should already be replaced.

Last Thursday, city guards from the Environmental Control Department noticed thick, brown smoke hovering over one of the production halls in Białołęka. As stated, the building belongs to a construction company.

“Officers decided to carry out an inspection, during which they found that a non-class solid fuel stove was used there. According to the resolution of the Mazowieckie Voivodship Assembly, such stoves are not allowed to be used from the beginning of this year,” the city guard recalled in a message entitled “Dymił the whole area” .

In addition, the building was heated by “cut wooden elements, which emitted large amounts of toxic smoke into the atmosphere when burned.”

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“The perpetrator of the offense was punished in accordance with applicable regulations and was obliged to replace the heating source. During the next inspection, the guards will check whether the owners comply with the applicable regulations,” the city guard said.

Anti-smog resolution

Recall: anti-smog resolution for Mazovia from 2017 is a preventive action taken to prevent the negative impact of heating devices on health and the environment. That is why it prohibits the burning of the worst fuels: sludge, flotoconcentrates, lignite, loose hard coal and wet biomass, and at the same time orders the replacement of the so-called cinderellas.

From January 1, 2023, their use is prohibited. Pursuant to the regulations tightened in April 2022, the biggest changes will affect Warsaw, where a coal burning ban is to be introduced on October 1, 2023. Such regulations will also apply to poviats near Warsaw, but from January 1, 2028. All new solid fuel boilers installed after November 11, 2017 must meet the requirements of the so-called ecodesign.

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Main photo source: Metropolitan Municipal Police

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