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Warsaw. Someone stole a wheelchair component from the block

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Joanna suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta and uses a wheelchair. An electric attachment helped her to move independently. The woman could accompany the children on walks or go shopping. Expensive equipment, the financing of which she had been waiting for a long time, was stolen. The appetizer disappeared from the stairwell.

Mr. Adam reported to the editorial office of Kontakt 24. He told about the theft of an electric starter used by his wife, a person with a serious disability. An element of the stroller was stolen on January 18, in the evening, from a block of flats at Oszmiańska Street.

The family lives on the ground floor. Our reader describes that the apartment is separated from the staircase by a grate that the family installed at their own expense a few years ago. – Only we and the neighbors have access to the grille, it is locked. The system allows you to latch, to open the lock you need a key – he describes. We were at home when the theft occurred. I left at 7 pm to check if everything was closed, the starter was gone – regrets Mr. Adam in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl.

The appetizer made many activities easier

Joanna’s disease is manifested by increased bone fragility and fragility. The woman moves only in a wheelchair to which an electric attachment was attached. – She was helping her wife move around outside the building. The wife does not have the means to buy such equipment. This particular appetizer cost PLN 12.5 thousand. This is not an easy situation for us, especially that the wife waited a long time for funding from PEFRON – says Mr. Adam.

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Without the starter, Mrs. Joanna has to use the help of another person. – The equipment greatly facilitated the movement. We have two children and going out for a walk with them, and the children also have bicycles, was very comfortable for my wife. Now the situation has deteriorated significantly, our interlocutor complains. – Now he is able to reach the garage, but at the moment there is no possibility for a walk or shopping – he adds.

Adam’s Private Investigation

What was the thief hoping for? Why would anyone need an electric stroller attachment? – Our only lead is that the battery from this attachment is very similar to those that are installed in e-bikes. The wife moved around a lot outside and maybe someone noticed, maybe knew where we lived, maybe they took advantage of the moment when someone left, for example throwing out the garbage, did not close the cage for a moment? Mr. Adam wonders. – It’s hard for us to say anything. The more that the lock of this grate is undamaged, there were no traces – he says.

The man immediately notified the police, he also searched the building, asked nearby stores to provide monitoring that would allow him to track down the perpetrator. However, recordings can only be made available at the request of the police. He also searched on his own. – I visited all scrap yards, pawnshops, and also left contacts with photos of the equipment. I also shared information on internet forums and groups of residents of Targówek. Maybe someone will notice, I hope so.

The electric adapter for the wheelchair helped Mrs. Joanna to move independentlyPrivate archive

The police are looking for a case. “Activities in progress”

We asked the police about the matter. Commissioner Paulina Onyszko, spokeswoman for the Warsaw VI District Police Headquarters, confirmed that the notification in this case was received on February 21. – An investigation is underway at the Warsaw Targówek Police Station, supervised by the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office Praga Północ, regarding the theft of an electric wheelchair adapter worth PLN 12,500 from the staircase of the building at Oszmiańska Street in Warsaw. Investigations are underway to establish the circumstances of the theft.

Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Private archive

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