Warsaw. Someone threw a one-year-old rabbit in the garbage


A small black rabbit was found in Warsaw’s Nowolipki district. Despite the cold, someone left it in the dumpster gazebo. He was taken care of by the Ekopatrol guards.

City guards from Ekopatrol received an unusual report from Nowolipki Street in the early afternoon of March 2. Someone found a young rabbit there in the dumpster gazebo.

“It’s no accident that he was there. When we entered the free-standing brick gazebo, the rabbit cage was standing on the lid of a large garbage can. Despite the low temperature, someone put it there on purpose – says insp. Joanna Gos-Kowalska from Ekopatrol.

He was shivering from the cold, sitting in a cage that was too small

The black rabbit is about a year old male. He was shivering from the cold. In addition, the cage in which he was left was too small for him. “Perhaps the rabbit was a Christmas present, and when the owner realized the responsibilities it entailed, he simply disposed of it that way.” And he could have given it to someone else.

The rabbit was taken to the Royal Foundation, which takes care of such animals

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Main photo source: Metropolitan Municipal Police

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