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Warsaw. Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski bridge are working

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On Tuesday, tests of three out of six speed cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge ended. The devices take photos of drivers who break the rules. In less than a day, they registered over 330 such violations.

As Monika Niżniak, spokeswoman for the General Road Transport Inspectorate, informed, three speed cameras were turned on on Tuesday afternoon. During the first hours of operation, these devices recorded over 330 offenses. – The average speed is 18 kilometers per hour more than allowed by the regulations – Niżniak informed us. As the spokeswoman added, three of the six speed cameras are currently on.

Three out of six are in operation

The others are still being tested. – Drivers must take into account that they can be switched to the infringement registration mode at any time – she said.

Speed ​​cameras work around the clock to measure the speed of vehicles traveling along all lanes. Measurements are carried out in both directions of traffic. Monika Niżniak emphasized that drivers should remember that after the amendment to the road traffic regulations, the speed limit in built-up areas to 50 kilometers per hour is valid around the clock.

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ABOUT connecting speed cameras to the Automatic Traffic Supervision Center (CANARD) Niżniak informed on Friday. For the next three days, tests were carried out to verify the correctness of the measurements performed.

Conservator’s opinion

Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski bridge were ready for operation from mid-May, but the inspection delayed their activation due to the control of the Masovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments.

In his position, the conservator said that he did not see any obstacles in the use of speed cameras. Then CANARD took steps to take over the devices and include them in the nationwide speed camera network. In the case of two speed cameras placed at the stone benches that were the subject of the dispute between the ZDM and the conservator. According to the conservator’s recommendations, these devices are to be dismantled by December 1, 2023.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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