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Warsaw. Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski bridge. How many photos did they take in a month?

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Road workers summed up the first month of operation of speed cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge. So far, the devices have registered over 12,000 violations of the law. There are drivers whose vehicles have already been captured several times.

Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge have been operating since mid-September. First, three devices were launched, then two more, at the end of the month, the sixth speed camera entered the registration mode.

– Since the launch, speed cameras have registered over 12.6 thousand cases of exceeding the speed limit by drivers – said Monika Niżniak, spokeswoman for the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate. – 75 percent of registered violations concern exceeding the lowest threshold, i.e. between 11 and 20 kilometers per hour more than the speed limit in force on this section of the road – explained the GITD spokeswoman.

She added that only 0.7 percent were cases where drivers exceeded speeds by more than 50 km / h than allowed in built-up areas. – In the event of a positive verification of these violations, the drivers will lose their rights – she emphasized.

– The devices also registered 490 cases of repeated speeding with the same vehicle. In most cases, it is about registering at least two infringements committed with the same vehicle, she explained.

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Location of speed cameras on the Poniatowski bridgeZDM

Two speed cameras are set to disappear by the end of 2023

When the installation of speed cameras on the historic crossing began in spring, a dispute arose over their location and appearance. Provincial Masovian Monument Conservator prof. Jakub Lewicki first consented to their erection. He later applied for changes, explaining that he did not know their exact location. He stressed that “it did not decide on the precise location of the speed cameras, and only an inaccurate indicative map of the location of the radars was submitted for approval”.

In June, he carried out an inspection on the Poniatowski Bridge. As he assessed, the crossing with the preserved viaducts is “in poor technical condition”, therefore comprehensive renovation and conservation works are recommended. In addition, the conservator indicated that two speed cameras located at the stone benches should be removed by December 1, 2023.

He also said that he did not see any obstacles in the use of speed cameras. At that time, the Automated Traffic Supervision Center (a unit of GITD) took over the devices and incorporated them into the nationwide speed camera network. GITD has been supervising speed cameras since 2016, when the city and commune guards were revoked from the authorization to conduct such an inspection.

However, the capital city hall paid for the purchase and installation of speed cameras. According to his data, in 2015-19 there were 26 road accidents on the Poniatowski Bridge, of which 16 were the main cause of excessive speed. Three people died in them.

Speed ​​cameraPAP / Maciej Zieliński

Main photo source: TVN archive

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