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Warsaw. Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge: in a week detected three thousand offenses, the record holder fell six times

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During the week, speed cameras from the Poniatowski Bridge intercepted about three thousand offenses. – Preliminary analyzes show that 150 drivers have exceeded the speed limit at least twice. There is also a case of exceeding the speed limit with the same vehicle six times – said Monika Niżniak, spokeswoman for the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate. Five of the six devices are already operational, she said. The last one will be launched in the coming days.

The first three speed cameras set up on the Poniatowski Bridge were launched by road workers on the previous Tuesday, September 14. A spokeswoman for the General Inspectorate of Road Transport has just announced that five out of six speed cameras have already been switched to the violation registration mode. – The last device will be turned on in the next few days – announced Monika Niżniak.

The data collected by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD) shows that since the speed cameras were launched, they have registered a total of about three thousand infringements. – Preliminary analyzes show that 150 drivers have exceeded the speed limit at least twice. There is also a case of exceeding the speed limit with the same vehicle six times – informed Niżniak.

As she added, so far 20 cases of speeding by over 50 km / h have also been found. – If, in the course of conducted activities, the registered documentation is positively verified, drivers will lose their driving license for a period of three months – she announced. – I emphasize that the photographic documentation of the infringed vehicles is now being verified and the cases are pending – she added.


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Speed ​​measurements are carried out in both directions

As previously reported by the GITD spokesman, after an inspection carried out on the Poniatowski Bridge by the Mazowieckie Provincial Conservator of Monuments and recommendations regarding, inter alia, the removal of two speed cameras, the Automatic Traffic Surveillance Center of the General Road Transport Inspectorate asked the conservator of monuments to confirm whether the locations, in which the devices were installed, obtained its approval, and whether there are any contraindications for their use.

In his position submitted to GITD, the conservator of monuments said that he did not see any obstacles in the use of speed cameras. Then CANARD took steps to take over the devices and include them in the nationwide speed camera network. Where there are two speed cameras at stone benches, speed checks will continue until they are dismantled. In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of National Defense, these devices are to be dismantled by December 1, 2023.

– Before signing the agreement, CANARD, together with ZDM and the speed camera supplier, checked the functionality of the devices and the possibility of their integration with the CANARD central system – said Monika Niżniak.

Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski bridge work around the clock, measuring the speed of vehicles traveling along all road lanes. Measurements are carried out in both directions of traffic. There is a speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour on the crossing.

Speed ​​cameras from the Poniatowski bridge are other devices belonging to the Capital City of Warsaw, which GITD supervises and uses to control vehicle speed. In 2016, ITD took over the devices from the Warsaw Municipal Police, after the city and commune guards lost their powers to carry out checks with the use of speed cameras. – So far, around 450,000 violations have been detected with the use of 22 speed cameras. Speed ​​cameras at Spacerowa Street (58.4 thousand), Grójecka Street (towards the center – 44.4 thousand) and on the Gdańsk Bridge (40 thousand) recorded the largest number of cases of non-compliance with the applicable speed limits “- summed up Niżniak.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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