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Warsaw. SPPN paid parking zone in Saska Kępa and Kamionek, the voivode does not agree, cassation complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court

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By throwing a tape, the Masovian Voivode made yet another attempt to eliminate the paid parking zone in Saska Kępa and Kamionek.

– Yes, the voivode submitted a cassation appeal yesterday – Dagmara Zalewska, spokeswoman for voivode Tobiasz Bocheński, confirmed to us on Thursday afternoon. The question about the justification for this decision remained unanswered.

PiS voivode against the zone

The complaint concerns resolutions of the Warsaw Council from March this year. With the votes of KO and the Left, councilors decided that Saska Kępa and Kamionek would be included in the paid parking zone. In April, their decision was questioned by the Masovian Voivode Tobiasz Bocheński (PiS). The capital city hall appealed against Bocheński’s decision to the Provincial Administrative Court, which sided with the Warsaw authorities. However, the voivode did not give up, he waited until the last minute and filed a cassation appeal to a higher instance.

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The issue is alive among the residents of Praga Południe, as they have proven Tuesday’s meeting with President Rafał Trzaskowski (PO). He maintained that the city wanted to install parking meters in this part of Praga Południe. Trzaskowski assessed Bocheński’s behavior as “purely political”. He announced that if all formal obstacles are overcome, work on demarcating the zone may start at the beginning of next year. Today we know that this will not happen.

The work would take several months

A possible rejection of the cassation appeal does not mean, of course, that the zone would come into force overnight.

– This is a process. The launch of the zone includes, among others: a tender for the supply and installation of parking meters, followed by the installation of parking meters and physical reorganization of traffic, which requires several months – explains Jakub Leduchowski, deputy spokesman for the city hall. – Let us remember that we are talking about nearly a hundred streets that must be prepared for SPPN in this area. The tender procedure is particularly time-consuming and its procedure is determined by national regulations, he adds.

Leduchowski reserves the right to provide specific dates, as they will depend on legal decisions in this matter.

Residents’ parking problems

Both in Kamionek and Saska Kępa, older buildings dominate and the buildings usually do not have underground garages. The majority of residents who have problems with everyday parking demand the introduction of the zone. They complain that the seats are taken by people who come from further districts, leave their cars under their windows and then travel by public transport.

Although the zone solved this problem in other parts of the city, in Praga Południe the PiS councilors raised the alarm, arguing that the total number of parking spaces would decrease and parking problems would become even more severe. They convinced some residents (they gathered around the NO! initiative for SPPN in Saska Kępa) and even some KO councilors, which delayed the decision of the Warsaw Council by half a year. The zone was supported by the settlement councils in Saska Kępa and Kamionek.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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