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Warsaw. Spy Renovation. Will the building have to be demolished?

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The capital’s town hall presents several variants of the “Spiegow” renovation. According to Deputy Mayor Tomasz Bratek, everything indicates that the cascading blocks will not have to be demolished. Deputy Rafał Trzaskowski, however, talks about the problems faced by officials in connection with the complex.

The vice-president pointed out that the official construction documentation of “Spiegow” could not be found. – We searched everywhere, we tried to reach the heirs of the main architect, we wanted to find out if he had any private archives – he added.

He emphasized that the lack of this documentation means the need to recreate it, go through all the rooms, examine the installation, find all the connections. – In addition, there is the issue of heating documentation: the building has been disconnected from the network for a long time, and after the renovation of the main, the connection was removed. Unfortunately, all this takes a lot of time. There is no rush – the technical analysis must be done reliably – he noted.

“This is not a safe place to walk on”

– A significant impediment is the fact that this is not an object that is safe to walk on, there are protruding live cables, and climbing one of the staircases required even mountaineering skills – due to the extremely poor condition of the stairs. We use the help of volunteers – experts in all industries: constructors, firemen, health and safety specialists, heating and electricians – he said.

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He reported that on Wednesday he managed to contact the second designer of the complex: Janusz Nowak, who promised to help. – If – as announced – he provides us with source documents, we will be able to verify our own findings and possibly supplement them – he added.

The inventory is ongoing

The inventory of the complex is still in progress – e.g. foundation drillings. – We can say for 90 percent that it will not need to be demolished. We are striving to restore the residential function, although we cannot yet decide whether it will be possible. Let’s wait for the technical analysis to be completed – I think it’s a matter of the next few weeks – assessed the vice-president.

And he added: – We can already say for 90 percent that there will be no need to demolish “Spy”

He pointed out that there are already several problems today. – Although the building seems huge, there are only about a hundred apartments there. The staircases are too narrow and do not meet Polish standards, neither today, nor perhaps even those from the times when the building was built. In order to restore the functioning of the facility, we will probably need to obtain the so-called apostasy. It will also be necessary to re-build connections for virtually all utilities – sewage, electricity, heating. An interesting fact is that there is only one radiator left in the entire property, and defects in pipes and wiring can be found every step of the way – he noted.

We are considering several renovation options. We are still estimating the costs, it will depend on whether the capital’s local government will be able to bear this investment on its own. One of the possibilities we are considering is to grant a concession to an external company, i.e. using the public-private partnership formula. The concessionaire would renovate the facility, in return for which he would be entitled to allocate some of the apartments for, for example, commercial rental. If we manage to simplify the procedures a bit, there is a chance that a partner could be selected this year – he explained.

The authorities check the technical condition of “Spy”TVN24

The story of “Spy”

The city took over “Spiegowo” in March. At 100 Sobieskiego Street, where employees of the Russian embassy lived in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, there are over 100 apartments. Many years ago, the complex was abandoned and needed renovation. Over the years, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Warsaw City Hall have made a number of attempts to regulate the legal status of real estate for the benefit of the Russian Federation in Poland and, respectively, in Russia for Poland.

The entire complex has over 7,000 square meters of usable space. The employees of the embassy and trade representation lived there. It also had additional features. On the side of the street was an entertainment club and a basketball hall on the basement level. The complex is located on a plot owned by the State Treasury, but it is administered by the city.

Main photo source: TVN24

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