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Warsaw Śródmieście. Drugs worth over five million in an inconspicuous house

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The capital's police closed down a large warehouse and seized over 130 kilograms of various types of drugs with an estimated value of over PLN 5 million. A 27-year-old man was arrested and faces up to 12 years in prison.

The capital's police officers determined that there is a warehouse with narcotic drugs in the Wawer district in Warsaw, which supplies a network of Warsaw dealers, as we unofficially agreed, from Brzeska Street.

– In an inconspicuous-looking apartment building, the police searched the rooms and found a warehouse with drugs. A total of 130 kilograms of various types of narcotic drugs were seized. They included: 92 kg of amphetamine, 7.5 kg of MDMA, a kilogram of cocaine, 20 kg of marijuana, a kilogram of methamphetamine and another kilogram of heroin – says Robert Szumiata, spokesman for the Warsaw Police.

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– Some of them were already ready for sale, others were only at the portioning and packaging stage. At the scene, the police also seized equipment for the production of amphetamine, including glass vats containing the drug being chemically processed. Right next to it, there was a hydraulic press where ready-made tablets were formed and squeezed, as well as scales and devices for welding and packaging, he adds.

Drugs worth over five million

Individual rooms, as described by the police, served as a warehouse, where refrigerators contained bags with appropriately portioned drugs, ready for sale. The estimated value of the secured psychoactive substances is PLN 5.2 million.

The police activities resulted in the arrest of a man who was charged in the Warsaw Praga Południe District Prosecutor's Office with preparing to introduce a significant amount of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances into circulation. At the request of the prosecutor's office, the court imposed a preventive measure on the suspect in the form of pre-trial detention for a period of three months.

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Main photo source: KSP

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