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Warsaw Śródmieście. He robbed a center for needy children that was being renovated

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The 41-year-old broke into a children's center that was being renovated and stole elements of the new electrical installation. Policemen from Śródmieście arrested him red-handed. He heard a number of charges and was temporarily arrested.

Recently, police officers from Śródmieście have been working on a series of thefts in a facility under renovation at Koźmińska Street. The perpetrator broke into the building several times where the foundation that helps children in need operates. He stole elements of the new electrical installation. In total, it caused losses that could reach up to PLN 100,000.

Arrested red-handed

“Thanks to the extensive actions of police officers from the department combating property crime, the perpetrator was identified. He was caught during another burglary attempt. He was caught red-handed by police officers from the intelligence and patrol department. The man cut the fence and entered the premises. The officers found a specialized equipment he used to dismantle elements of the electrical installation. Additionally, the 41-year-old had several portions of drugs with him,” says Sgt. pcs. Jakub Pacyniak from the downtown police.

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The 41-year-old was arrestedŚródmieście police

Charges and arrest for a 41-year-old man

The detainee was taken to the downtown police station. It turned out that his actions caused numerous destructions and damage to property. While quickly dismantling the cables, he caused a short circuit several times, which damaged other electrical devices.

A 41-year-old Ukrainian citizen was charged with a number of charges for theft and burglary, damage and destruction of property, violating the physical integrity of a witness to one of the burglaries and possession of drugs. The court agreed to the prosecutor's request and imposed pre-trial detention on the suspect for a period of three months.

The proceedings in this case are supervised by the Warsaw-Śródmieście District Prosecutor's Office.

Main photo source: Śródmieście police

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