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Warsaw Śródmieście. The police entered the apartment and the tenant immediately pointed to the fridge. Inside was half a kilogram of mephedrone

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The police entered one of the apartments in Śródmieście. According to their information, there were drugs there. They weren’t wrong. The surprised 34-year-old pointed to the fridge. According to the police in a press release, there was half a kilogram of mephedrone in plastic bags.

Police officers from Śródmieście located a person who, based on the information they collected, was supposed to be in possession of drugs. The trail led them to the area of ​​Jana Pawła II Avenue.

Criminal investigators entered the apartment of a completely surprised 34-year-old man. – The man immediately admitted his guilt and pointed to the fridge where he hid the drugs. After weighing, it turned out that the plastic bags contained a total of almost half a kilogram of mephedrone – said Sub-Inspector Robert Szumiata from the Warsaw I District Police Headquarters in a press release. The police also found PLN 6,000 which may have come from crime.

He heard the accusation

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The 34-year-old was arrested and the drugs and cash found were seized as evidence in the case and towards a future sentence.

In an investigation conducted by the Warsaw Śródmieście Północ District Prosecutor’s Office, the man was charged with possession of a significant amount of narcotic drugs, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison under the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction.

At the request of the Warsaw Śródmieście Północ District Prosecutor’s Office, the court has already decided to temporarily arrest the man for three months.

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Drugs in an apartment in Praga-PółnocKRP VI

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