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Warsaw Śródmieście, Wolomin. He walked over to the car and was ambushed. He had a gun at home

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Police officers from Śródmieście detained a man suspected of smuggling and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. They also recovered a Peugeot stolen a week earlier. The 44-year-old faces up to eight years in prison, having already been arrested for three months.

– A Peugeot 208 worth PLN 50,000 was stolen from Mazowiecka Street in Warsaw. Police officers quickly tracked down the vehicle in one of the villages in the Wołomin district and organized an ambush – informs subinsp. Robert Szumiata, press officer of the Warsaw I District Police Commander.

The man was arrested when the bus drove up to his propertyDowntown Police

When a delivery bus drove up in front of the property and a man got out of it, who approached the stolen Peugeot, police officers entered the action. The 44-year-old was overpowered and arrested. In the bus that he arrived in, the police found keys from a stolen Peugeot and spare parts from various Toyotas.

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The detained man was temporarily arrested by the court’s decisionDowntown Police

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License plates, signal jammers and weapons

– During the search of the property inhabited by the man, they found, among others, a dozen or so license plates, mobile phones, radio stations, devices for jamming GPS signals, keys from various car brands and firearms with ammunition – reports podinsp. Robert Szumiata.

Secured double-barreled shotgunDowntown Police

The man could not explain how the stolen car ended up in front of his house or where all the items found, including a shotgun with pellet ammunition, came from.

– He changed his mind and version of events every now and then – adds subinsp. Robert Szumiata.

Charges and arrest

The 44-year-old was arrested. He heard charges of stealing a car and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. He faces up to eight years in prison.

The court, at the request of the Warsaw Śródmieście District Prosecutor’s Office, has already decided to pre-trial detention of the man for months.

Items secured in the bus and on the detainee’s propertyDowntown Police

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Main photo source: Downtown Police

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