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Warsaw. Storm over Warsaw. It's raining and thundering

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Dark, storm clouds hung over Warsaw. It was raining heavily and the wind was strong. Emergency services are battling the effects of the storm. They are receiving reports of broken branches, flooded properties and basements. In Podkowa Leśna, a tree caught fire after being struck by lightning. In Warsaw, the railway is struggling with power supply problems for the traction network.

Before 8pm it got dark, it started to blow and rain heavily. The street lights and trees were swaying, you could barely see anything.

There was thunder, wind and rain not only in the capital, but also in the surrounding counties. Firefighters from Piaseczno and Otwock in particular received reports of broken trees and broken cables from poles. There are also reports of flooded properties and basements. The storm knocked down trees in Wołomin County.

Storm clouds over downtown tvnwarszawa.pl

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After the storm passes, the problems will come. “Due to problems with power supply to the traction network at the Warszawa Wschodnia station, SKM trains on lines S1, S2 and S3 in both directions may be delayed for more than 60 minutes,” it is reported on the SKM Info profile.

Tree fire

In Podkowa Leśna, a tree caught fire on Stanisława Lilipopa Street after a lightning strike. – It's a big oak fire. It burns at a height of about 15 meters. A lift was sent to the site. The fire is localized. There is no risk of the fire spreading to nearby buildings, said junior firefighter Artur Węgrzecki from the fire brigade in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

In the Masovian Voivodeship, the storm occurred in the area of: Żuromin, Chorzele, Ostrołęka, Sochocin, Płońsk, Nowe Miasto, Płońsk, Czerwińsk nad Wisłą, Bodzanów, Wyszogród, Radzymin, Marki, Ząbki, Legionowo, Warszawa, Piastów, Ożarów Mazowiecki, Podkowa Leśna, Piaseczno, Góra Kalwaria, Grójec, Tarczyn, Osieck, Pilawa, Garwolin, Maciejowice, Łaskarzew, Magnuszew, Warka.

In the Masovian Voivodeship, the State Fire Service recorded 184 incidents.


RCB Alerts

The Government Security Center sent an SMS alert to residents of the entire country on Friday morning about storms that may be accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain. Experts recommend avoiding open spaces and securing property.

“Attention! Today (June 28), storms with strong wind, heavy rain and locally hail are forecast. Avoid open spaces, secure your belongings” – text messages with such content were sent in the morning by the Government Security Center.

Storm – safety rulesRCB

tvnwarszawa.pl, tvnmeteo.pl

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