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Warsaw. Strike in the city guard. The guards patrol the streets on foot instead of in police cars. What will the new commandant do?

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City guards started a protest action on Wednesday. This does not mean, however, that they did not go to work, on the contrary – they carry out their tasks on foot instead of in police cars. The form of protest will slow down the response time to reports. The new commander of the city guard announces that he intends to fight for better wages for his subordinates.

Only two-thirds of the patrols planned for that day went to the streets of the capital on Wednesday. The rest went to work on foot – this was the information provided by Magdalena Ejsmont, the commander of the capital city guard during a meeting with journalists. – Trade unions decided to protest, but the situation is under control – she assured. – The protest consists in the fact that some officers submitted inserts authorizing them to drive vehicles, i.e. these people were directed by individual heads of field units to areas where they should be located and carry out their tasks as foot patrols – she explained.

As she specified, this means that out of 69 patrols planned for Wednesday, only 42 are motorized. These data, however, do not apply to officers of environmental protection and specialist departments. Here the turnout is 100%. – This is only the first day of the industrial action. We analyze what is happening on an ongoing basis. I’m after talks with the governors – said Ejsmont.

The trade unions’ protest action is expected to last until July 26. Their postulates concern wage issues – the amount of salaries and the bonus system, which they believe is unfairly constructed. The trade unions decided to protest after the referendum organized at the turn of May and June. The decision was made, at least one of the postulates submitted in the fall of last year – that is, the resignation of the then commander Zbigniew Leszczyński – has already been implemented.

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New commandant: I will try to increase the salaries

The new commander of the city guard there is no easy start. She took up the position at the end of May and already in the second month of work she had to face the protest of trade unionists. The tarnished image of the formation that was in the times of its predecessor is also waiting to be repaired Zbigniew Leszczyński was severely criticized, especially for its slowness in the fight against parking. Another problem is the vacancies – at the moment, about 1,500 officers work in the city guard and there are 317 vacancies.

Ejsmont stressed on Wednesday that the financial situation of city guards was slowly improving. – From January 1, 2022, the average increase is about PLN 1050, when it comes to the lowest guard positions, from October 1, 2021 it was the average of PLN 1300 – she calculated.

She also informed that the Warsaw Council granted a total of PLN 42 million to maintain the increases granted to employees at the beginning of the year. From July 1 until the end of this year, the city guard has PLN 8 million for this purpose, and PLN 17 million for 2023 and 2024.

– I will engage in interviews and try to increase salaries. I am aware that the social situation is difficult, and as soon as I can, I will apply for it – announced the commander.

Commander of the city guard in Warsaw, Magdalena EjsmontPAP / Albert Zawada

They plan to change the guards’ bonus system

The new commandant recalled on Wednesday that she had already met twice with representatives of trade unions. – We made an appointment once a month to talk about the atmosphere and what can be changed for our employees. These are both financial issues, but I would also like these talks to go in the direction where we can cooperate in the field of other non-financial forms that aim to show that this work is important, fun and gives satisfaction – she said.

When asked about specific ideas, she made a reservation that she would not reveal any details for now, because she did not want to make empty promises.

The commandant also referred to the dissatisfaction of officers with the bonus system. As she announced at the beginning, during talks with trade unionists, she explained that the city has certain financial limitations. – I’m open and the talks will continue. One month is too short a period to fairly and unequivocally assess the issues of the scope of the bonus. I am up to date and start discussions with the human resources and accounting departments on what funds we have and what can be allocated to these bonuses – she emphasized.

– The bonus system will not stay as it is now – she announced. As she explained, she still needs time to consult with trade unionists, chiefs, managers and individual departments and develop a system that will be “clear, transparent and fair to everyone”.

– For me, there is nothing more important than the well-being of my employees. I have always been used to the fact that you don’t leave your people behind and you don’t leave your people behind. We have the same goals – emphasized Ejsmont.

Municipal guard at Pięć Rogów squareArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

They are preparing a campaign encouraging people to work in the city guard

Referring to the staffing problems, Ejsmont pointed out that the most vacancies are currently in field divisions in strictly guard positions:

– The situation is starting to change. The attitude of people leaving the city guard towards those seeking employment is changing. Of course, he is not perfect for this moment, but I already work very extensively with all departments, especially when it comes to the promotion department, in the context of building a campaign about why this job is important

According to the new commander, working in the city guard is not only related to salary, but also certain values ​​related to the uniform and service to the residents, as well as building common order and security in the city. This is what the promotional campaign of the preparation at its command is supposed to convince.

Ejsmont also announced that in the future she would like foot patrols to be used more often in the course of daily service. – One of my goals is to make us more visible and visible to the residents. Therefore, ultimately, I will strive to divide motorized and pedestrian patrols. We have to be among people, we have to talk to them and show our presence – she assessed.

Patrol of the municipal guard on the Vistula boulevardsCapital City Guard

Main photo source: Capital City Guard

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