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Warsaw. Summer historical walks. The Bielańska Phototheque series is about to start. Program

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Bielańska Fototeka starts the second edition of “Summer historical walks”. The guides have prepared eight routes around Bielany. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the secrets of the Olszyna Park, explore the district in the footsteps of the cult films of the Polish People’s Republic and royal hunting. There will also be meetings devoted to the post-war reconstruction and the history of the Wrzeciono and Wawrzyszew estates.

Each of the meetings as part of Summer Historical Walks is free of charge. There is also no limit to the number of participants. The Bielany district office has just presented the plan for this year’s vacation. There will be eight walks in total, compiled by six guides.

Secrets of the Olszyna Park

The first walk will start on Sunday at 11. The participants will meet at the corner of Broniewskiego and Aleja Armii Krajowej. Its subject will be the secrets of the Olszyna Park, located on the edge of the Słodowiec estate.

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In the park, you can find an almost 80-year-old black alder stand and the valley of the former Rudawka river. “In this small enclave of semi-natural nature, you can meet many native plants and animals, the presence of which is astonishing, considering its urban surroundings. We can meet here a common forest devotee or a grass snake crawling over the water. The tree stand is a refuge for numerous species of birds, including some of them are breeding species, such as a finch or a song thrush “- we read in the communiqué of the district office.

During the walk, you will see many interesting facts – who founded the park in a social action, how it is connected with the property of Izabela Czartoryska and what the dark history of “boiling hill”, which occupied the area between today’s Broniewskiego, Duracz, Gąbińska streets and Armii Krajowej Avenue, is about. There will also be a stop at the chapel, in front of which crowds of Varsovians who had Marian apparitions gathered. Agnieszka Trepkowska, the guide, will tell the story.

The walk will also have a second part – nature. Dorota and Piotr Mędrzycki will talk about the greenery. Both three years ago, together with a group of experts and residents, conducted a BioBlitz study in the Olszyna Park, which consisted in searching for as many plant and animal species as possible. The participants of the walk will receive a brochure summarizing the study, issued by the Environmental Protection Department of the Bielany District Office.

“Summer historical walks” in BielanyUD Bielany

A walk in the footsteps of cult films of the Polish People’s Republic

On the following Sunday, July 17, a walk is planned “Filmowe Bielany. On the cult film trail of the Polish People’s Republic”. It will start at 11 o’clock at the intersection of Czechowa and Horacego streets.

The guide, Małgorzata Pindera, will show movie lovers around the places where scenes from such films as “Brunet in the evening”, “There is no rose without fire”, “Philip of hemp”, “Jan Heart” and “07 report” were filmed.

Post-war years in Bielany

The walk planned for July 24 will be devoted to the post-war years in Bielany. Participants will be able to listen to stories about how the reconstruction of the district proceeded at that time and how the social life unfolded. Start at 11 o’clock in front of the Bielański Hospital at Cegłowska Street.

“The dynamics of the reconstruction and construction of the capital begins with impetus as early as 1945 and is slowly losing momentum along with the change in investment priorities of the authorities, cost cuts and the geopolitical situation. But the demographic boom, the development of the city and the ambitions of the inhabitants of Warsaw require certain construction decisions. Everyday life brings with them interesting stories “- writes the Bielany Town Hall about the topic of the walk. The guide, Agnieszka Trepkowska, will reveal the details.

Royal feasts, hunting and prayer

“Feasts, hunting and prayer. Royal life in Bielany” – is the theme of the walk planned for the last Sunday in July. It will start at 11 am with a meeting at the Słodowiec metro station, next to the entrance from Żeromskiego Street.

The guide, Małgorzata Pindera, will tell you where Polish kings held sumptuous parties, hunted big game and devoted themselves to prayer. He will also tell about the king who was imprisoned in Bielany, and about another, whose heart rested in the district.

“Summer historical walks” in BielanyUD Bielany

The history of the Wawrzyszew estate

August will start with a walk devoted to the history of the Wawrzyszew estate. On August 7, the meeting point will be the Bielański Cultural Center at Goldoni Street. From 11 o’clock, Mateusz Napieralski, a researcher of the history of Młociny and the surrounding area, will talk about the history of Wawrzyszew dating back to the 14th century.

“We will visit the historic church from the 16th century and find out who was Adam Edward Brustman, the patron of the ponds located in the heart of the estate. There will also be interesting facts about the Agronomic Institute from Marymont (now Warsaw University of Life Sciences), which ran a sheep farm in Wawrzyszew. We will also learn the history of the housing estate established in in the 1970s, the Workers’ Culture Center (today’s Bielany Cultural Center) and the Wolumen bazaar. We will also visit the historic tombstones at the Wawrzyszewski Cemetery and see the place where the summer cinema operated in the 1970s “- announces the district office.

The beauty of sport and architecture

The next walk will take place on August 14 at 11.00. This time, the participants will walk to the gates of the Academy of Physical Education at Marymoncka Street, where they will hear about the beauty of sport and architecture. Agnieszka Trepkowska, the guide, will tell the story.

“A walk around the premises of today’s Academy of Physical Education is a feast for the eye and a decent dose of health for our body. The elegant architecture of the main building and buildings located in the university complex is a showcase of one of the best creators of pre-war modernism. , the old Bielany forest supplying air to the lungs of athletes exercising at sports facilities, we ourselves want to stay as long and as often as possible in this space. During the trip, we will enter some university buildings, including the memorial room in the Rectorate, where we will find many valuable exhibits “- stated in the message.

The Great Pipe Trail

On Sunday, August 21, there will be a walk “along the Great Pipe Trail”. It will be a historic trip along the route of the Bielany collector, built 136 years ago. It will be led by Ryszard Mączewski, a varsavianist and founder of the portal warszawa1939.pl. Meeting at 11 o’clock at Jacek Kuroń Square.

“The collector built according to the design of William and William Herleen Lindley will be a pretext to tell not only about the history of Warsaw’s water supply and sewage systems, but especially to get to know the facilities on its route – existing, non-existent and non-existent, including interwar primary schools, villas the painter Stefan Norblin, the AWF stadium, the municipal brickyard and car workshops, the experimental sewage treatment plant in Kaskada and the field church “- announces the district office.

From the metallurgical furnace to the Spindle

The last walk will take place on August 28 at 11 am. Participants will set off from the intersection of Nocznickiego and Balcerzaka Streets with a guide, Maciej Sotomski, who will talk about the history of Wrzeciona and Bielany steelworks, as well as show unique photographs.

During the walk, there will be local curiosities, including about where the first cinema in Bielany was opened and where the most famous air force action of the Home Army took place. “We will also learn about the urban legend of the black hand, and we will also visit the area where the KBM Warszawa Północ landfill was located – the builders of Warsaw housing estates. by the then Housing Cooperative ‘Hutnik’ “- officials are enumerating.

View of the Wrzeciono estate from the side of Huta WarszawaBielańska Photo Library

Bielańska Fototeka prepared historical walks

“Summer historical walks” are organized with the support of the Bielany District Office, Bielany Cultural Center and the Public Library for the Bielany District. The Bielańska Fototeka, which archives and describes historical photos of the district, is responsible for them.

Additional information about the project can be obtained by calling 22 443 47 62 or by writing to the following address: bielany.fototeka@um.warszawa.pl.

We also informed about photos of Bielany and Żoliborz from the 1960s, which one of the residents found in the trash:

Bielany and Żoliborz in photos from the 1960s.Bielańska Photo Library

Main photo source: Bielańska Photo Library

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