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Warsaw, Szczecin. Krzysztof Sz., A well-known detective, detained on the charge of paid protection

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Last week, policemen from the Central Bureau of Investigation in Szczecin detained Krzysztof Sz. This is a well-known private detective who led, among others, business with former Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz. Surname Sz. he also appears in one of the secret threads of the investigation into the wiretapping scandal at the “Sowa i Przyjaci” (“Sowa and Friends”) restaurant.

As the first to arrest Krzysztof Sz. journalists from the o2.pl portal informed. According to our information, the detective was detained by officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police last week in Warsaw.


Charges and arrest

The detective was taken to Szczecin, where the prosecutor accused him of the so-called paid protection, which is punishable by a penalty from 6 months to 8 years in prison.

Who, relying on influence in a state institution, local government, international or national organization or in a foreign organizational unit that has public funds, or by arousing the conviction of another person or by confirming it in the belief that such influence exists, or a personal or her promise, shall be punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to 8 years.

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The court decided, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, that Krzysztof Sz. he will spend in custody – so that the prosecutor and the police could continue the investigation without fear of delirium.

– I can only say that we have lodged a complaint against the court’s decision – says in an interview with tvn24.pl attorney Janusz Kaczmarek, former minister of internal affairs and former national prosecutor, who is a defense lawyer for Krzysztof Sz.

Doing business with the people of Pruszków?

According to our sources, the arrest and charges against Krzysztof Sz. relate to the situation from more than five years ago.

He was then supposed to refer to his influence in two formations in contacts with his client: the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Security Agency, and more precisely: promise to solve the client’s problems through his relations with high-ranking officials of both services.

– This client is a person associated with the Pruszków mafia, a friend of Andrzej Z. “Słowik”, who was to invest their money from various crimes – says our source, reserving his anonymity.

Andrzej Z. ps. NightingaleTVN24

Szczecin policemen from CBŚ conduct many investigations in which they reveal the backstage of the Pruszków mafia. Not only from many years ago, but also from the actions that gang leaders took while serving their long-term sentences or when they were briefly regaining their freedom. One of the effects of the actions of Szczecin policemen was the discovery that They built a drug and legal high smuggling system behind the walls of a prison in Białołęka, Warsaw.

Detective and former prime minister

Krzysztof Sz. founded and developed a network of detective offices operating throughout the country. He enjoyed a reputation as an efficient and discreet detective, with a vast network of connections in the police and secret services.

– Even among friends and colleagues he avoided talking about his professional past – we hear from one of the interviewees.

Another says, “He’s the kind of man who knew everyone.” And when it happened that he did not know someone, he knew everything about him anyway.

He also ran a company registered in Great Britain. As we checked in publicly available British registers, his partner was Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, former prime minister in the first government of Law and Justice in 2005-2006.

It is true that we worked together in business. Nothing about the criminal activities of Krzysztof Sz. I never knew. I can only comment that today there are mass accusations from the article on paid protection, and later they often fall in the courts

The secret thread of the eavesdropping scandal

Krzysztof Sz. has already been arrested in the past in connection with one of the most mysterious threads regarding the wiretapping scandal in Warsaw elite restaurants, which contributed to the loss of the elections by the PO and PSL.

– We are investigating events related to the so-called eavesdropping scandal. We detained Krzysztof Sz. and Katarzyna W. (a detective employee) Both people have already heard accusations, the content of which I cannot provide for the sake of the investigation. The detainees were released home, the only means are police supervision and a ban on leaving the country, the then spokesman of the Warsaw-Prague District Prosecutor’s Office, Łukasz Łapczyński, informed in October 2016.

Politicians were intercepted in the restaurant “Sowa and Friends”tvn24

Our information shows that, at the prosecution’s order, the officers searched about 30 offices and apartments related to Krzysztof Sz. and its activities. According to unofficial information, they were looking for a complete set of recordings from Warsaw restaurants.

Let us remind you that the public has never known all the recordings made by waiters commissioned by businessman Mark F. two talks in which today’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki took part in the restaurant “Sowa and Friends”.

Unknown recordings

The fact that businessman Marek F. was not the only owner of the recordings was proved by the operation of the Central Anticorruption Bureau carried out in 2014 after the publication of the first recordings in the Wprost weekly.

Officers of this service – then headed by Paweł Wojtunik – obtained a CD with 11 recordings that were not previously known to the prosecutor’s office conducting the investigation against Marek F.

Main photo source: archive of TVN24

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