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Warsaw. Technical and parking station on Karolina. Construction

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Construction of the technical and parking station on Karolin is underway. Over 30 buildings are being built, which will be the backbone for the second and future third metro lines. Construction will be completed in 2026. Trees and shrubs will be planted on the site. There will also be a train washing facility with a sewage treatment plant.

The President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, emphasized that the construction has seen great progress in recent months. “STP Karolin is taking shape and is already making a huge impression,” he wrote on social media. Over 30 buildings are being built on over 40 hectares.

– This station is necessary to serve the second metro line. Currently, everything is serviced by the parking station in Kabaty. It was necessary to create another station – said Rafał Trzaskowski at a press conference. STP on Karolina will also allow for comprehensive care of the rolling stock serving the future third metro line.

– For the investment to work well, the infrastructure is very important – emphasized Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska, chairwoman of the Warsaw City Council.

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Green at the station

Trzaskowski assured that care for the environment is important when building the technical and parking station in Karolina. – There will be plenty of greenery at the station, as well as a closed-circuit economy, i.e. a sewage treatment plant and filters. The fight against global warming is our priority, he emphasized.

1,638 trees will be planted at the station, as well as shrubs, perennials, grasses and green plants. The vegetation will be adapted to urban conditions, will have increased tolerance to air pollution and increased ground salinity. It will also be a place for birds and pollinators. Bat boxes will be installed.

There will be a closed-circuit train wash with a sewage treatment plant, a vacuum chamber equipped with filters to remove dust from the gas stream, and a paint shop equipped with a set of filters to reduce emissions to a minimum (including carbon filters). The sewage system will be equipped with separators with sedimentation tanks that will catch petroleum-derived substances, oily substances and solid pollutants before the sewage is introduced into the city sewage system.

Trzaskowski: access to the center in 20 minutes

On Karolina also received two TBM shields: Anna and Krystyna. They weigh over 650 tons, are almost 100 meters long and have a diameter of over six meters each. They will soon start drilling the last section of the second metro line.

“The TBM shields will therefore have to be placed in 3,800 prefabricated rings, each 1.5 meters long. The drilling is scheduled to start during the summer holidays. The cutting machines will work 24 hours a day from the moment they are launched. The only condition for stopping the work is a problem with the ground or with the machine itself or replacing the cutting blades,” the town hall said.

Construction of STP KarolinRafał Trzaskowski/Facebook

Anna and Krystyna will help in the creation of the following stations: Lazurowa Chrzanów and Karolin. Lazurowa Station is being built on the south-eastern side of the intersection of Lazurowa and Górczewska, between the tram terminus and Lazurowa. The Chrzanów station is planned under Rayskiego Street, near the intersection with Szeligowska. Karolin station is located under Sochaczewska Street, on the northern side of the intersection with Połczyńska. Behind it, technical facilities for the entire line are being built – STP Karolin.

As Rafał Trzaskowski emphasized, the construction of the last section of the second metro line together with the Karolin STP station will be completed in 2026. – After the works are completed, the residents of Bemowo will be able to reach the center in 20 minutes – said the mayor of Warsaw. It also means faster access to the capital, among others. residents of nearby Ożarów Mazowiecki. After completion of the works, the metro network will consist of 46 kilometers and 42 stations.

He added that funds for the completion of the second metro line, amounting to PLN 1 billion, were obtained from the EU budget. – I am very glad that in recent years we managed to obtain one billion zlotys from the EU budget to complete the second metro line, because it was not obvious at all. After talks with the chairwoman of the committee, we received the funding, he said.

More lines in progress

The Mayor of Warsaw also spoke briefly about subsequent metro lines. – Design work on the third metro line is underway. Conceptual work on the fourth line will begin soon, Trzaskowski announced.

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Main photo source: Olek Klekocki/tvnwarszawa.pl

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