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Warsaw. Tender for the redevelopment of the central part of Plac Defilad

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Less concrete and asphalt, over 100 new trees, shrubs, lawns and a pond – this is how the central part of Plac Defilad, i.e. the so-called Central square. The City Hall informed that five companies applied for a tender to create a new space in the very center of Warsaw.

The construction of Plac Centralny is another element of changes under the New Center of Warsaw programme. The concept of redeveloping Plac Defilad on the axis of Złota Street assumes that in front of the Palace of Culture and Science there will be a place for daily meetings of residents and the organization of cultural events. A more intimate square will be cut out of the large space, which will make the very center of the city more attractive.

The lawns are to resemble the places where tenement houses used to stand

The new development of this space between the Museum of Modern Art and the Palace of Culture and Science was prepared by the AA Collective studio. The concept of this complex was among the five best proposals selected in an international competition. .

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The authors from AA Collective have designed a space that will connect the central part of Plac Defilad with the park in the area of ​​Świętokrzyska Street. The irregular arrangement of pavements and greenery reflects the network of old streets and the outline of buildings. The lawns are to resemble the places where tenement houses used to stand.

The paving of the square will be made of six different types of stone. The outlines of the old tenement houses will be made of large-format stone slabs in various colors: gray and red. The former courtyards will be paved with reused granite cubes from Plac Defilad and supplemented with granite slabs from the vicinity of the honorary stand. The layout of the streets from 1939 is reminiscent of strips made of granite cubes.

Over 40 species of plants

There will be lawns on the square, and the project also involves planting over 40 species of bulbs and perennials. In addition, there will be 11 species of shrubs, as well as 109 trees, such as e.g. black locusts, ash trees, honey locusts, dogwoods, grujeczniks, ginkgos and magnolias.

“Five bids were received in the tender, ranging from PLN 61.2 to 73.7 million. The Municipal Roads Authority of the Capital City of Warsaw has already started analyzing the submitted proposals, and the decision should be made within a few weeks. From the moment of signing the contract the selected contractor will have 60 weeks, i.e. about 14 months, to complete the investment.

Visualization of the Central Square Warsaw City Hall

New Center of Warsaw

Plac Centralny is the next stage of changes within the New Center of Warsaw. The city rebuilt the nearby Dmowskiego roundabout, and the so-called Five Corners Square.

The City Hall reminds that Warsaw is preparing for further investments. The city has settled architectural competitions for new and greener streets: Chmielna and Złota and Zgoda. Work on design documentation is in progress. The Municipal Roads Authority has selected a designer for a comprehensive reconstruction of Krucza on the section from Al. Jerozolimskie to Piękna.

Projects of several stages of the so-called Zielona Marszałkowska. Apart from the completed western side of this street – from the Dmowskiego roundabout to ul. Świętokrzyska, changes to the section from Królewska to Plac Bankowy are at the most advanced stage. The analysis of offers for redevelopment is underway. In the longer term, works are planned on the central section of Al. Jerozolimskie – assumptions for reconstruction are being created. Warsaw wants to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the redevelopment of the cross-city railway line.

Frontage new square will consist of the Museum of Modern Art under construction and the TR Warszawa building planned next to it, and on the other side a temporary pavilion with an undulating roof. All these investments are closely related. – Plac Defilad with greenery, new buildings and an attractive cultural program will perform an important social function and make the very center of the city more attractive. A kind of palimpsest will be created with the history of Warsaw symbolically written in the surface of the square with cobblestones and greenery – assured last year Marlena Happach, director of the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning.

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Joanna Mytkowska about the future offer of the Museum of Modern ArtMateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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