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Warsaw. Thanks to a note from her purse, she made it home safely

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An elderly woman got lost while riding a city bus. She began to cry and call for help, and the driver reported the incident to city guards. A piece of paper that the old lady had in her purse came in handy.

On March 13, around 2 p.m., city guards from the 7th Regional Department received a report about a woman with memory loss on the bus no. 148, which was going towards the airport in Okęcie.

“The driver reported that the woman lost her orientation and at one point began to cry and call for help. The guards took care of her. After taking her to the bus stop, they began to talk to her to find out her name and where she lived. Unfortunately, she could not answer. After a long time However, she started looking for something in her purse and took out a piece of paper, “the Warsaw guards describe in a message.

It had her husband’s phone number and home address written on it. After making sure the woman’s husband was home, the guards drove her home.

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Thanks to the note, the old lady returned home safelyMunicipal Police

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Losing can end tragically

Elderly people are now particularly vulnerablePolice

Older person not answering the phone? You didn’t find him at the apartment? This does not necessarily mean that the senior is missing. His absence may be temporary and caused by going for a walk, meeting friends or going to church. You can check the most visited places on your own. However, if a family member does not return, and has memory problems, loses orientation in the field, it is time to notify the police. A current photograph showing the image of the missing person is worth its weight in gold. A photo from 10 years ago will probably be out of date. Provide the policemen with detailed information about the senior – age, height, weight, color of hair, eyes, characteristics, clothing, and diseases. Think about it and make a list of places the older person has visited or was emotionally attached to. You can also search for the missing person on your own, but be in touch with the police officers involved in the search. If found – immediately inform the unit involved in the activities. We call for increased care for seniors. We all have work and home responsibilities. However, try to find time to control what is happening with an older family member.

The prevention of many dangerous situations to which old people may be exposed is the provision of accessories that may, for example, facilitate the determination of his whereabouts or at least identification in the event of discovery by the police or other third parties. You can give an elderly person a watch with a GPS function, make sure that they always have a mobile phone with them or put a piece of paper with the address and contact number (it is best to sew it into the clothes so that it is not lost or thrown away).

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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