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Warsaw. The 19th century tenement house was entered into the register of monuments. It is located at 30 Emilia Plater Street

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The provincial conservator of monuments entered the tenement house at 30 Emilii Plater into the register. The building is distinguished by a decorative staircase and the architectural setting of the “gate passage”.

Provincial conservator of monuments prof. Jakub Lewicki explained that the tenement house with its annexes is a valuable example of tenement buildings typical of Warsaw from the end of the 19th century.

– The artistic value is expressed through an extremely rich artistic design of the tenement house frame, unique neo-Rococo doors and portals with leaf motifs and chimerical creatures that are a hybrid of sphinxes and acanthus leaves. In addition, the architectural setting of the gate passage is worth attention – said the Masovian conservator.

In the opinion of MWKZ, the area on which the tenement house stands and the courtyard itself – functionally and visually related to the building – are also carriers of historical values.

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The tenement house was shelled during the war

Leopoldyny Street, now Emilii Plater Street, was laid out around 1872. In 1897, based on Lindley’s plan, it can be assumed that the property was fully built-up.

The investor was probably Symcha Kornblum. The author of the architectural design of the tenement house is unknown. It could have been Aleksander Woyde, who designed the tenement houses on Emilii Plater Street, or the architect Wąsowicz, the author of the neighboring tenement house with a similar façade composition.

During World War II, the tenement house was shelled many times. In the 1950s, necessary repairs were made. A general renovation of the facility was carried out in 1966-1971. Around 1977, an external access to the boiler room at the southern annex was built. Since the 1990s, the windows have been gradually replaced with new ones made of PVC.

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The conservator initiated proceedings to enter Southern Muranów into the register of monumentsArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Masovian Voivodeship Conservator of Monuments/Facebook

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