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Warsaw. The 27-year-old was to first get the victim drunk and then steal his wedding ring

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A 27-year-old man is suspected of brazen theft, who was supposed to get the victim drunk first, and then seize the moment and steal a wedding ring from his finger.

Police officers from Wola were notified of a theft of a gold ring worth almost PLN 5,000. “Preliminary investigations show that the suspect was drinking alcohol with the victim. In the end, he took advantage of the moment and stole the wedding ring from his hand – Marta Sulowska from the Warsaw IV District Police Headquarters informed in a message.

The police started looking for the man. They secured the monitoring, collected evidence and personalized the suspect of this theft. As they indicate, the arrest took place in Warsaw’s Śródmieście district. – The 27-year-old, seeing the uniforms, changed the direction of the march and avoided eye contact with the officers, hoping that in this way he would avoid responsibility – added Sulowska.

After the arrest, the man was taken to the Wola police station and then to the Warsaw-Wola District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. He heard a charge of particularly brazen theft, for which he is liable to imprisonment for up to 8 years. It was also established that the man acted in conditions of recidivism.

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